Zoom Out And See The Whole Picture

Someone asked me why i emphasize energy work and objectivity so much as the prime tools used for self healing, empowerment and spiritual development.. and thats a good question – one that perhaps hasn’t been answered as well as could be..

Back in my days in media I learned that good directors and camera operators know how to tell a story with the framing of the shot.

Unlike most home videos which crash zoom into the action and pan around – the professionals won’t – they’ll hang back and let the action happen in the wider frame as the people relate to the context of their surroundings.

As the story unfolds and we see the interactions of all our players from this wider perspective, it only zooms in when they want us to experience emotional intensity.. The zoom removes the context and closes in on one thing, one gradually intensifying experience as nothing else around matters anymore…

And this is a perfect metaphor for why we can’t be healthy or take healthy actions when we are too emotional and too zoomed to the one singular emotional focus..
Spiritual balance isn’t about intensifying the experience, its about learning to flow with that emotional experience, how to process it within ourselves so we can emotionally detach and zoom out to a healthy place and start to see the whole scene again..

A lot of western spirituality validates the intensity of emotional experience as something to be desired or sought after – its gushing not flowing, its crazily zoomed in not zoomed out, its obsessive not objective… The deal is learning to re-balance with increasing levels of emotional experience as we grow, but always returning to the wide shot so that we can see perspective and be healthy for ourselves and those around us..

So to answer the question, energy work is the only work that removes residual emotions and objectivity is the only place we can maintain the balance.. These are not important they are the only thing, so all stems from them, and always have and they are the foundation of the deepest and most respected of the spiritual traditions.

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