Your Astrological Forecast

Your astrology – for all signs, covering the period.- forever.

People will be variable and do what you least expect, often judging others whilst at the same time complaining about people judging them. Your well laid plans for your life will go astray because lite isn’t what you plan it’s what you experience Just when you think the tests are over another will come along because if you aren’t tested you can’t keep growing. You will not find a closely defined ‘purpose’ to your life because being here, part of the universe, interacting with all her creations is the purpose..not some label or title that your ego wants to slap on you to validate itself and feel wanted.. Life will get easier when you surrender trying to know it, define, analyze it and control it..What you think, will never matter that much to anyone or anything except your brain, but what you feel and what you do matters immensely to everything…

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