If there is a single thing that is most frustrating in teaching people how their energy works and how to start working with it, its that absolutely nobody in the history of mankind ever changed anything in their energy from what we call knowledge or understanding..

In fact, its the pursuit of these things, these cognitive concepts that keep us away from awareness of our energy – AND YET most people indulge in the pursuit of peace balance and flow by reading stuff….and there’s an entire industry based on this conceptual spirituality

The response I usually get is “well I need to understand things before I can do them” or “I need to understand the problem” or “I need to know me better” or “I need to choose whats right for me”..

And these things are far from harmless, they are the reason we find ourselves not flowing, not in harmony or peace and with unresolved emotional issues that bring us to this point.

Energy does not work how our heads are programmed that th world works.. there is no male or female energy no positive or negative energy no good or bad energy… these are the judgments and labels that the demon in our heads is trained to slap onto things and if we apply it to the world of energy it wont work….

Secondly, like any sports person or musician, while you are standing there “trying to get your head around” or “trying to understand it” you are not in flow, you cant be in flow.. flow comes from training, its experience and skills that come naturally from being trained.. Like the tennis pro who’s system hits that ball at exactly the sweet spot because the training and reflexes take over – not the thing in the head that says “wait one minute while I take over” and the ball would have gone whistling past.

So why do people like me find things so frustrating ? because there are solutions to every emotional problem, to heal trauma and despair and feeling disconnected and lost and empowered and they work.. The case studies that people write show that,as do the years of feedback

BUT and here’s the but ….

“I’m not sure it will work for me”, “nothing can work for everyone”, “how do I know what it will be like”, ” how do I know will be able to do it”, ” I cant do it until I’m sure”, “tell me how it works first”, I need to do whats right for me”..

And here’s the punchline.. NOBODY IS DIFFERENT – YOUR ENERGY SYSTEMS ALL WORK THE SAME. So when we get that working properly again BINGO…

Yet the “know me best” in the head says no – you are different and so more understanding needed.. and THAT’S why the vast majority of people are following a “spiritual” path that is based on concepts and knowledge and understanding, which will, at best convince you things are getting better but not change your energy one little bit…

Imagine if the physical world was the same, the gyms would be empty because everyone’s at home reading about it and downloading videos and saying “Susan I really DO feel fitter” But heck buying a book or downloading an article means you have control and choice.. but going for the real thing means you don’t and THAT’S what scares people.. and why all too often they come when everything else has failed and its all a mess..

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