Peace – witnessing “Ego Death”

I received this email from someone who i was teaching Ptsen-Nuh and felt it was a terrific and very descriptive explanation of witnessing part of “ego death” that just had to be shared as an explanation of what its really is like….

something strange and interesting happened…

I was driving home Friday night when the “beast” tried to attack again and but I quickly shut it down and as I did, it felt as if “it” had scurried down a borrow and coward there by itself, ashamed, defeated…… as this happened I felt I was witnessing something I’ve never “seen” before… that this “beast” is just “nothingness”! …that it’s so miniscule , insignificant and powerless, I could not comprehend how have I been taunted and bullied and tormented for my entire “conscious” life by this “thing”, this worthless, powerless, piece of nothing!… how could that had happened?? It was bewildering… but it felt right…

GK, Hollywood CA

THANK YOU for sharing that and allowing it to be published..

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