Why do we have soul connections ?

soul connections twin soul

Soul connection ( twin soul, soul-mate, karmic connection )

The one question I’m rarely asked and the one it would be nice to be asked is “WHY do I have this connection.

Instead its usually “how many people do you talk to have real connections” and other such stuff….

Well leaving aside that terrible drug – reasurance – the one that makes normally sensible people as less than sensible questons like the “how many” one, lets ook at reality and why connections are a necessary part of the universal processes…..

Nothing ever ends…..

The “big illusion” as it’s often referred to is that we are a creation in this life which ends with our physical death. That its about the time between our birth and our death and all about who we are, what we can achieve and especially about that constant search for happiness and fulfillment on the physical plane.

Well then come soul connections which blow a lot of what we thought we knew out of the water…. How can we meet someone, maybe in some cases not even meet them face to face, and connect to them so profoundly and “know” them at a soul level in such a way….. And then WHAM where did they go and why am I tied to someone who has shaken my world so much and im utterly trapped….? I think we all know these types of question when we’ve had a soul connection.

Looking at soul connections from the romantic standpoint we all know too well. But to ask the bigger questions is the only way to get answers. For a start if you ever doubted reincarnation, a soul connection is usually a good way to stem the doubt because you will have some inner sense of already knowing the person and indeed you did, but not in this life…..

Taking the “Its all about love” standpoint is an admirable one but still not the full story. Other approaches often are that only God knows or only we ourselves know from the feelings we have for that person… But as many many extremely accomplished and notable people have explained over the years, the universe is explainable, does have method, and can be seen to make sense if we can only escape the prison of our opinion and look outside the box. ( pause for someone to say “that’s just your opinion” )

A couple of quotes from Eisntein…..

A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one

It’s a very well founded practice going back thousand of years that if we can expand beyond our thought we can once again experience being part of that universe and understand its methods and find answers…..Another way to put this is that everyone has psychic abilities, something pronounced by many notables not least Edgar Cayce. For “psychic ability” just read that we reconnect with source, begin to feel our connection to the divine and can begin to understand the mechanisms at work.

I always say to people that i think God has a pretty cool way to wake us up to that and its through soul connections. The “soul shock” as i called it is just that. An electric bolt to wake us up from the prison of our mental consciousness and put us back in touch with the divine from where we came and where we return. BUT we also aren’t isolated from it here and now, we are just hampered by having a physical presence and physical consciousness called thought reality….

So the reason for soul connections is a continuation. Death is no end. So when we reincarnate if the script hasn’t concluded in the past life it continues in this one. The recognition, the feelings of knowing and the immense feeling of destiny at work, all are the big clues to that continuation.

Even when the runner runs, do we really feel that’s the end ? No. That’s where all the ‘insanity’ comes in. The runner may even deny everything but that voice inside shouts “this isn’t over”. Is it all about the relationship and happiness on this physical plane, no. That’s part of it but this bigger picture is about our path, our spiritual progress, learning development, self awareness, self love – the whole thing.

Its only though this soul shock that we really experience the power of destiny, the fact that some things are just completely undeniable despite what i, them or this or that person thinks. If you doubt it just feel the pull, the pain, the immensity of the sensations to see just a small example of the powers of destiny.

You may say “well they ran off and married someone else its over” Well guess what no it isn’t. The changes the progression the learning the experiences continue. Its only when we still only see the experience from just the relationship part that we feel this. YES of course EVERYONE wants the relationship its all we can think about……. until…

I make it a point to speak to many people after reconnecting with the person, even after many years. Some decide to have the relationship, others ( because they have found unconditional love and therefore peace with it all ) decide not to but to live in the love anyway.

So then we have to ask why is this… Why does love necessitate pain ? The answer love doesn’t …. Love is in itself unconditional. A hard concept for any human being not to have any need to manifest that love in a relationship.

But the pain is the waking up process, the shock of feelings such awesome powers way beyond human need yet still having those human aspects of need and want. So if you have had a soul connection at any of the many levels, the trauma you experience is that wake up call. The pain is the clue. What you know inside is the clue. Its just that we as humans tend to focus on the missing part, the lack of the physical relationship that tears us apart. A hard lesson for anyone..

The very thing that hurts us can give us the answer. If and when we can tune into the connection and the love and accept it as the gift it is then it doesn’t actually have any pain with it. Understanding and acceptance of the divine forces at work and not fighting the love or the other persons human aspects that make them do or say this or that, is when we can begin to find peace with a process that’s much more complex than we at first realize….

As for nothing ever ending……. End up with the relationship or not theres more tests more experiences on the way. Not all as painful and many will find yet another even more powerful connection down the line.
Many i talk to who have had the most horrendous connections that tested them to the very edge of existance have progressed to other connections. Not a romatic ideal here and i dont say this to be popular, but life is about progression the cycle repeating and us progressing through succesive experience. At the time these people were all 100% certain this was “the one”.

A common reaction to that statement is for it to be negative, but once again if we see it the right way we understand that progression and change are constants and that the journey is assured by the simple fact of our existance. And it proves the old adage that its all about the journey.

The bad news is there isnt one of anything in the universe and the good news is that there isnt one of anything in the universe…

So however trapped we may feel things are happening, the trick is to see why and accept it and try to get out from the prison of the human condition of thought and opinion an take that massive journey into greater perception of the divine…

How to do that ? just tune into the forces you feel at work within you, dont fear them..


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  1. Dang. I like your writing.. its not only pain you experience when awakening. Its a blunder of emotions.. I even thought my death was around the corner.. some amazing yet unexplained power is asking for your trust.. key is to surrender and let will be be..

  2. I love this “The bad news is there isn’t one of anything in the universe and the good news is that there isnt one of anything in the universe.” Thank you for the post.

  3. Thanks Rain I appreciate your comments. I just learned the hard way too many times and I discovered that what was out there in the name of “spiritiality” wasn’t – it was feel-good stuff that kept me stuck in one place peddling the most addictive and debilitating and anti-spiritual drug, that of, “don’t worry it will fix itself”.

    That was many years ago and there wasn’t a reliable real spiritual resource that put truth and objectivity ( and ultimately my sanity ) first and without all the myth and mysticism, and so I vowed to give up the career and use what gifts and resources I’d been give to help become part of that much needed resource..

    I thank the universe for that insight..

    It’s often shocking to people to know that real spiriual work doesn’t have all the trappings and icons that are a spin off from everything from the end-of-the-pier psychic to the old spiritualists of the victorian age with their props and ways. Some people even think that spiritual guidance only comes from spirit guides.. There’s a huge remnant of all that that’s sadly so embedded in what people expect and its nice to remove the myticism and culture to show that its all natural and that the universe isn’t oblique in her ways. It is real but its natural and doesn’t need all the stuff that mankind has wrapped around it.. it’s available to all not just a few “chosen” ones.

    Lots of years have passed and lots of hard work but it’s nice to be able to use real grounded spiritual techniques and to develop new ones – to work with people to help them find what they need ( and realize they already had it ) even though all of us have to go through a degree of the “feelgood” at least for a while. I’m trying to help bring that time down that’s all.. God bless and thanks again..


  4. Wow Steve…as one of your case studies I am amazed at the blistering commentary once again and I must say I LOVE it! You are relentless in your refusal to pursue anything but the absolute truth and I know from personal experience that this is the ONLY angle that the healing can be accessed…not the relationship angle but the inner lessons that must be identified and healed…thats the central point for me now….the bigger picture. Still is… I am admittedly a work in progress. I personally know how such stories can be desperately comforting when you are in such anguish and pain of separation but I agree, the risk is dangerously high emotionally if we overidentify with them. I know. In the end there is no way out except through. Thanks so much for pointing out the way….to anyone reading this..Steve is truly masterful and if you give his work an honest try I believe you could very well experience a mighty breakthrough…..As a fellow traveller it is my sincerest wish you do…God Bless

  5. I haven’t written anything about soul connections for a few years even though i do deal with them a lot in my sessions with people and I will always continue to..

    What I have written is ample to illustrate issues and points to demystify some of the process at a level of general principle ( especially needed to differentiate from the more ludicrous stuff thats out there on the subject ) , and to demonstrate some of the global universal processes that apply to soul connections.


    People try to more deeply analyze the material far too much and come to incorrect concusions or simply apply it wrongly and thats not why the articles are there, they are really as a precursor or context setter to a real and proper reading on your unique situation..you will not learn what thats all about in detail from reading other people’s stories or lots of other written material ( anyones material ) but usually just get your head in a whirl..

    I know its terribly tempting but the danger of making wrong assumptions about how it may relate to your story is huge and the gamble is your emotions.

    The book ( writeen 7 years ago ) includes case studies because its a general work on the issue and experience of soul connections, its very broad very general and shows people how to indentify the experience.. those are the only case studies I have ever published… The book also is primarily to illustrate some core issues around connections and lead people into the deeper issues of karma and spiritual learning…

    Unfortunately people are reading the Ptsen-nuh case studies ( case studies to illustrate people’s personal healing through learning Ptsen-Nuh techniques ) and writing to me about the back story – writing about how what happened to Sue or Jane is like theirs, or not like their story, or how sad it is they didnt end up together…

    These are not soul connection case studies…as it says on the big purple header thats so hard to misss.. These are healing case studies and some of the people featured didnt even have connections.. Someone else’s back story has no meaning – it isnt the same as yours however much you may think so…and if i were to publish case studies you would read them and make a comparison and mess with your own head and emotions – and my work is the exact opposite of that “…

    In these case studies the only issue is that they were in pain and confusion, not how they got there..

    With regard to soul connections – whats absolutely demonstrated time after time after time after time, is that people who wait and read, end up waiting, and waiting, and people who learn their karma, take the lessons and do the work change, and as they change things change…

    After they’ve done their work, cleared their karma, learned what they needed to learn, then they email and say “you’ll never guess what’s happened” and i reply “I don’t need to guess”.. Even after decades.. I speak to many shocked people who always thought they were waiting for another person or the universe and yet they were waiting to learn something..

    I still have a HUGE pile of thank you letters over many years but I won’t publish them because if you need to see that you aren’t at peace .. reassurance keeps you in the loop and that keeps things from happening. Thats exactly what Fiona learned and transcended. If you want to know the statistics I’ve always said a huge majority of these things turn around and they still do, but not one of them ever did by simply waiting..

    The timing in all soul connections is “never before you have dealt with your karma” and that you won’t find the answer to that in any article because it’s your personal lesson(s) and different to other peoples..

    One person I had the pleasure to work with – went on to resolve his karma and to help heal the person he was connected to in a record short time..faster than anyone else.. He wasn’t a member of a forum, and he didn’t read any material other than a couple of my articles. We did a consultation I showed him his lessons and how to fix it and he went on and did it..

    If reading this seems in any way less totally dedicated and ethical and caring then come back in a year and I promise it won’t.. If it seems harsh or “unspiritual” come back in two years and it won’t..

    Be careful out there… Love and light and rock and roll and Ben and Jerry’s


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