Spiritual Lessons ?

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People often confuse spiritual lessons with social lessons and thus beaver away in the wrong direction, unable to resolve them.

That’s because the universe is an energy being – one that has a physical subset but not the other way around, and yet we are taught to mentally function in that “other way around”

Thus spiritual lessons are never to do with boundaries, patience, relationships, location, job, family etc which are all social / geographical constructs.

They are about power, compassion, altruism and objectivity, and attaining higher and higher levels of each..to flow better and better – which is about energy.

So they are not conceptual or mental lessons, you don’t learn them in the “oh wow now I have the answer” mode.. you achieve them in the blood sweat and tears mode.. which is why metaphysics is much more akin to a gym than a classroom, and our tools are not books but energy work exercises.

Which is why people often get confused when they call me to “know things” assuming that the answers will get them the results.. Well not they won’t.. I will give you the answers and they will form a direction in which we need to work to get the results. The answers may be the most importance to you, but they are the least importance to achieving what you want to achieve..

Learning how to do it is the key to everything….and that comes from training in the ways your energy needs you to work irrespective of what your head wants to know

I hear people say “talk to Steve Gunn but he’s obsessed with energy work”… well erm in the same way as your trainer is obsessed with exercise and your dietitian is obsessed with food …because there is no conceptual metaphysics.. You wont get physically or energetically fit from books or knowledge.

” I hear you can help me with a certain situation”.. no – metaphysics is not about situations, I don’t deal in situations but helping you transcend them whatever they are..and however many there are

“But what about if i can’t do it ?” ???? Nobody can do it, everyone fails and thats why we train and train and train… until we overcome those inner hurdles.. otherwise we’d all just be able to do it on our own..

“But the same things doesn’t work for everyone” – yes it does.. Physical health from diet and exercise is for all, the same as emotional and mental health from energy work.. Whatever your head likes to imagine about your differences, your energy works the same as every human ever to visit the planet …

If you need what we do to agree with your philosophy or beliefs then you simply aren’t ready to do what is required of your energy.. My job is not to engage with those, but to wait until the universe gets you to the “heck I will do whatever I need to fix the issues” mode.. and then there is no limit to what we can achieve

“But I need to believe in it don’t I “?? No.. the universe doesn’t care what you believe, she cares about what you do and if you flow, and how well… and our job is to make that the best possible, irrespective of any beliefs.

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