What is “Ego Death” ?

For me the most challenging aspect of going through, or assisting others to go through, any of the transformative stages or awakenings is the aspect of ego death.

By that i mean the destruction of the need to control, wanting, judging, needing and any desires based upon other peoples actions or external situations. Along with this is the toughest of all things, and that is understanding ‘thought reality’ is often far from actual reality…

In its infinite wisdom, the universe teaches us this through crisis. Most often taking away what we need, think we need, or desire most. This is the time when most often we are pushed deep into our own selves and struggle with why we feel a certain way or respond in certain ways.

But its through this ‘going deep inside’ that we are meant to learn some of the toughest lessons. The situations force us to dig deep and examine our emotions thoughts, past and to question our life path and purpose. Tough as this is its ( I believe ) the singular largest transformative process a human can experience and much of what i write about and many of the spiritual / metaphysical practices encompass this foundational principle of loss of the ego mental model of “me” with all its flaws, to allow that deeper connection to the inner spiritual energetic “me’ that the universe made..

This is what i refer to as spirituality, the time where we really find out what we’re made of and are tested to the MAX. But whats beyond this awesome experience is profoundly wonderful.

Its when the brain stops questioning and the senses give us the answers. Its when we’re once again in tune with the universe and our place in it. When we really feel that however bizarre our path and the events on it, that it has a purpose and meaning.

Im often criticized for telling people ‘not to think’ but truly its most often thoughts and trying to analyze situations that’s so confusing because the mind works in a very logical way. Often only negative. ( Still nobody’s called to say they’re worried they will be too happy ! )

Logic will never understand the total human condition, where emotions work with or conflict with thoughts. Why people do strange things and why we see repeated patterns of events. The mind is far too simple a tool to understand that.

The process of transformation is meant to get us to a place where we can accept and ‘understand’ everything on an intuitive level and not need to reconcile things into one answer. That’s what the brain does it needs a purpose a reason and a timing. When we transcend that and can really deal with the universe on its multiple levels we find that inner peace, sense of self and oneness…

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  1. I reckon this endeavor to get in touch with ourselves to discover our life’s and our purpose and meaning really requires a good deal of honesty to confront ourselves. Many people find this a little difficult. The self is oftentimes deprived of the truth. After all, it’s easy to deny ourselves of the truth. For as long as this denial distracts us, we may become aware of our current realities that we can never make out any meaning out of it.

    Just my thoughts…
    Jasmine Martinez of iProperty – Singapore

  2. This process is intrinsic to soul connection, isn’t it ? Also seems to have a bearing on multiple connections ? Freeing self has taken on new meaning. Thank you for this article.
    Lori x

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