Energy Work For Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Over many years – clients who’ve taken my energy work courses have seen that being trained to work with their energy – their Chi, the fundamental life force, has not only lead to the calmness, balance and ability to deal with challenges, but also that it’s had significant effects on the physical body.

Notably the desire to eat unhealthy food dissipates as the desire to eat healthy becomes the default state.  This is not from any mental reprogramming or even focusing on food, it’s that the physical body tries to mirror the energy in order to achieve balance .. And so as we get the energy to flow better and in a more healthy way, the body’s desires and needs change to mirror it..

Although my courses have not to-date focused on this aspect but more on the emotional happiness aspect,  I’ve now developed some techniques to focus on this aspect of getting people started on weight loss

It’s a course of 3 sessions, one per week to introduce you to the work and get you going on your program. The price is $50 per session and we will communicate in between sessions by email and messenger to keep updated..

All sessions over the phone or skype audio…and all confidential

If you would like to know more please feel free to email or friend me on facebook and send me a message or skype by using the button below. All communications are confidential.

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Individual Readings / Consultations or Questions

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