Understanding People

If you want really understand people, start by abandoning concepts like personality…

Go down to your local superstore and watch people operate in one of two modes..

One mode is the person who wanders down the middle of the aisle, partner by their side, blissfully ignorant that they’re blocking an aisle thats 3 carts wide.

People in the other mode are keeping to one side, looking around conscious of their movements in relation to others.

If questioned under a lie detector if they are caring, considerate people, both the people would pass..

The first person is in the ego mode, this is not a natural mode but it is a normal mode that society trains us into.. As kids we don’t work that way but as societal structures such a ‘self awareness’, ‘personality’ and other constructs are introduced, we train into this false mode. It is a mode in which our evaluation of our behavior is based on the voice inside us that tells us we’re a caring, considerate person.. irrespective of anything we do or what’s going on around us. It created a blindness to our actions

The second person does not listen to the inner voice telling them they’re a caring person, instead they are looking around constantly evaluating and re evaluating their actions in relation to others, but based on evidence… for example its pretty damn obvious if you’re block the aisle when you’re in this mode..

So forget ‘types of people’ its a mode issue and we can all operate in either but it is an either, they are mutually exclusive by definition…

And it’s one of the reasons that in my field of work, teaching the ability to find peace, oneness and flow, sit atop some fundamental principles such as the gateway principle of ‘ego death’…

Another example of this at work is when I learned to fly helicopters back in the UK many years ago..

At the time I took all my ground schools exams they had added yet another.. Apart from the usual air law, navigation, meterology, mechanics, radio and some others i cant even remember, they had add one called “Human performance and limitations”

The reason for adding this was that extensive research of aircraft incidents did not show the expected levels of mechanical failure or ‘bad pilots’ that everyone assumed… It showed that many crashes were with very airworthy aircraft and skilled pilots.. The problem was the same issue as I’m highlighting in my shopping cart story..

Some pilots believed they were “good pilots” and went on their way in that mode.. and they got caught out.. Usually not double checking things or over evaluating their own abilities… On the other hand the pilots who ‘flew defensively’ as my instructor used to say, didn’t have the same problems because they were always evaluating and re evaluating and never going on the voice in their head that told them they’re a great pilot..

He also told me “there are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots”

And so we can see this dual-mode thing in two wildly different circumstances but showing itself pretty clearly..

A clear example right now is the gun issue in America.. I read so many times that “it’s not the guns are the problem it’s the bad guys”… Well let me absolutely assure you that as in the previous two examples, people who have accidents and commit crimes of passion don’t go around considering themselves “bad guys”, far from it.. You can be 100% sure that all of these people considered themselves good guys” and that’s how they got to do stupid or evil things so easily..

The person who did physical therapy on my stepsons hand assured us that an incredibly large number of people get severed digits from reaching into a rotating lawn mower blade.. i can also assure you that inside their heads was something that told them they are good guys and nothing can go wrong….

The very NATURE of the ego mode is delusion… and it is a mode that we all will work in at some time because it’s created by how society works.. It’s not natural whatever anyone tells you .. we do not “need part of ego” as I often read.. it actually serves no purpose.. Where they make the mistake is in lumping in other cognitive processed into this flawed concept called ego..

However we can escape it and become objective again and work in the second mode, but in order to do that we first have to lose the structure, framework and methods that we’ve been taught such as ego, personality, self knowledge etc as they are what create the problem..

its the largest unseen epidemic, its the matrix, its the societal virus.. We can escape it but in order to do that we must embrace some disciplines. We need it to be disciplines because we need to work it in a way that our own self evaluation can’t get in the way, because that is colored by the very ego state we wish to escape…

if you would like to ask any questions please message me, but in the meantime just look around and see if you see what I’ve talked about..

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