Understanding – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

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Someone asked me to publish a post on the most common question asked by clients and if its the same from all over the world or if there are cultural differences..and if its always been the same question..

The most common question is ( and always has been ) “I need to understand my situation so I can find peace” and the answer is “I teach people not to need to understand because that’s the only way we can find peace”

Sounds simple but it’s very complex.. what we call “understanding” is not a natural process, no other species uses it.. nor is it a natural development of man, its an unnatural development.. The cult we have come to call ego, to create a conceptual self that addresses the universe through concepts is false.. because concepts themselves are a man made invention.. “If God didn’t want us to understand he wouldn’t have given us intellect” is easily answered by…he didn’t.. the universe is not conceptual in any way.. this is all man made..God wanted you to experience and interact and transcend.. he sent you an emotional assault course not a blackboard with a formula to work out…

Life itself is experiential, it is sense and touch and taste and smell and hear and see and feel and happy and sad and angry and passionate and frightened and empowered .. only mankind could distill this all to conceptual “I need to understand”. And this is why peace cannot be achieved from understanding as its not a natural state.. we must see what is at work in each individual that makes them need to understand and we must demolish that, release whats trapped and return them to flow and acceptance.. which is the natural state..

This is the real of metaphysics.. working with the energies, the senses and emotions. It’s no an alternative practice but an essential one …

“Why can’t we just do it ourselves from our intuition why do we need someone like you to teach us ?” I hear.. And the answer is that you need to be trained out of one mode and into the other.. how to use disciplines to escape the ego so you can recognize what’s happening with the energy and how to manipulate it and work with it.. .ultimately you will do it yourself but nobody can get there without some training – because whilst within the ego state all we want is information…


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