Unconditional Love – Ava’s Story

Unconditional Love

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Unconditional love – My journey began when I unexpectedly met a soul connection. It was the deepest, most amazing experience I have ever felt and was so intense that we both acknowledged this was something neither of us had ever experienced before. Then, out of nowhere, he just didn’t know what he wanted. It was like you were watching an act from the Great Houdini himself, one minute he’s here, the next…gone.

The pain that followed was unbearable – I had never experienced that kind of hurt before, the shock, confusion, the physical pain.. None of it made any sense and so I questioned if it was real, or whether I was imagining it all – I literally thought I was going crazy. So I did what I see many others do and turned to books and websites on soul mates, twin souls, etc, thinking if I just read a little more about it all, it would start making sense to me.

That’s when I happened to come across Steve’s website.

When I talked to Steve the very first time, I was certain that my soul connection was the cause (and solution to) of all my pain but Steve, rather objectively (thankfully), did not have any problems pointing out that my assumption was incorrect. The best thing about Steve is that he simply calls it like he sees it. The reading went through all the elements of the connection and what was happening and why and what was going on inside of both him and me and what our process was.

Amongst several other things what came out was that this connection was the trigger for some very deep and dark buried emotions, which had in turn actually lead me to the point where I was sick and tired of feeling, well, like garbage, and so it was time to take my life back.

The first few times working with Steve were tough, but this was because these techniques are so very different from what we are conventionally taught or whats out there. It’s not easy, as these techniques take practice, dedication, and hard work. There were times when I was stuck because, like many others, I kept thinking that I need my love back in my life. I thought I needed him because I loved him. Steve explained how love is gentle and beautiful but this “need” is actually destructive and damaging and how that being separated was going to be necessary in order for us both to change. Frankly, at the time, I thought he was bloody mad. But then Steve asked me a question that resonated so loudly with me: what am I going to do when the soul connection comes back? It became clear to me that the way things had been was simply not going to work.

So, I was devoted, and I kept practicing the energy techniques. I incorporated them to be much the same as needing to eat or drink. As the weeks passed, my life was changing….immensely. I was certain that I’d never feel happiness again after such heartbreak, but there I was, and here I am, beaming! I began to realize that this transforming journey was most definitely about love, about my soul connection, but yet, it is so much more than that. Steve has helped me understand other blocks in my life and how working with the energy is THE powerful tool to change all parts of my life. Working with Steve has opened my eyes to the a whole new world of feeling, of emotions. I’ve never felt so… alive!

In fact, I’ve been asked many times by others if I was “on” something, because they couldn’t fathom that you can just be happy!

What I’ve learned is that where there is love, there is no room for need and co-dependency. When it comes to love, all the conditions we tend to associate with it ..the ifs, ands or buts are to be checked at the door. True, unconditional love…. just is. I could feel that I was changing, both physically and mentally. I still love my soul connection, but the pain is fading, and I’m healing. I’m a work in progress, but working with Steve has been nothing short of amazing! He always hits the nail on the head, even if it’s something you would rather not hear.

So if you’re looking for a fortune teller to tell you things like you will reunited with your love on a Friday at 5 PM, and all you have to do is kick back with a drink in hand waiting for that Friday to come, well then Steve is not for you. If you a psychic who will read it and tell you how it is BUT also will show you some of the deepest inner secrets of the world of energy and really let you change your life then Steve is THE one to help you. I would HIGHLY recommend him to ANYONE!! I’m so thankful for being able to work with him!!

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