Twin Soul

Soul connections are very real, very powerful and deeply profound experiences….

But the label we are now asked to use “twin souls” has many dangers attached with it..

The original idea of a “twin soul” was that it was a soul at a similar level of progression and the last soul connection with the biggest lessons.. it was never ‘ the one we are supposed to be with’ but the one we are to learn most from….

That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a relationship with this person but that’s not the universe’s ultimate goal, her goal is the deepest lessons, the most profound change, the greatest pain leading to the greatest empowerment..

If we choose to see it as just ‘the one we are supposed to be with’ we miss out….

Here’s why the ‘twin soul’ social phenomenon is so dangerous…

The universal energy is always made of all souls..
It’s like a sea and just like the sea…if i take a cup of water from the sea, its still the sea…If I take half a cup of water from the sea it’s still the sea not half the sea. And when i return the full cup or the half cup they are still the sea..

Just as in this example of a physical medium ie water, we are all always part of that whole on the non physical, the energy plane, There is individual experience that adds to the whole but no “chunk” or cupful of soul that defines one person. And therefore you can’t have one soul divided between two bodies.

That sort of thinking, that we can one soul in two bodies is used by man to cling to the idea that wholeness comes from outside of self – to validate wholeness as a function of the physical ie relationships not of the energetic i.e interactions.

Trying to apply physical gender attributes such as male and female to energy is the same trick.. For example ‘divine masculine’ and ‘divine feminine’, these are all man made icons to validate relationships as part of the divine plan..when its about INTERACTIONS… no physical union required to complete any spiritual learning and lack of physical union doesn’t stops learning…
Love, passion and spiritual learning works irrespective of gender, race, persuasion or relationship status….

We are always part of all.. even if we have a soul connection, even if its the strongest one possible, we are never half of something we are always all of something… Even if it feels like that person completes us, what they do is show us what’s incomplete in us…And what we are to connect to is all of everything, not half of what we are because we are never half of anything….Momma didn’t look into your eyes as a baby and say “i see half of a soul”

I worry greatly about how much of this stuff pervades and how addictive it is and that it is so prolific makes it so easy to buy into, as does the fact that it validates that what we want is also part of the universe’s grand plan…

Why I get passionate about it because I deal with the fallout from it. I help pick people who eventually get spun off from it, tired, disillusioned, broke and still in pain.. So lets call posts like this and my book, an attempt at some preventative maintenance…

Just like I tell the people who email me for the first time and say “I’m finally together with my twin soul why am I miserable ?”, I say “go and talk to whoever you’ve been working with up to now, the person who told you this person is your other half and will bring you happiness, and ask them that question. Then when you’re ready to he happy because of you, call me”

BEWARE the drug of popular mysticism….especially when it validates what you would like to believe… just like any drug the come down can be very hard… but ultimately the reality is wonderful, much more wonderful than the illusion.

Happiness peace and flow come with being in union with everything…. what happens to your relationships is something entirely physical and should be about sharing what you have not getting what you don’t…

This is why i wrote my book, I am very sure the time was right

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