Call them what you will but in every one of them there is a bridge to cross and that is the gateway to peace and happiness.

One side of the bridge its all about the person, the situation, what they did, what you did, what they’re feeling, what you’re feeling, what they’re gonna do, what you’re gonna do, and whats likely to happen…..

The other side of that bridge is about what have I learned, how much I’ve changed, what its opened up in me, what I’ve left behind, how can I choose to go deeper into this transformation and how can I use it for myself and others..

The first side of the bridge is about romance, social interaction, expectations, and the need to understand things.. nothing to do with the spiritual growth as its all external..

The second side of that bridge is about your spirituality, where what happened physically and what may happen physically are now subservient to the wild experience, the transformation, the growth the return of power and the spiritual freedom, none of which have anything to do with what anyone says or does.

That’s why its called META-physics… or beyond the physical..

The more people offer you support for your ego’s addict like need to understand what happened physically…and the more they attach spiritual labels to physical events, the more they stop you crossing the bridge.

That’s why when people do eventually give that up and start looking at the experience as opposed to the situation, they come across beaten up and tired and deflated.. But when meeting the META -physics ( meaning beyond that which is physical ) then we start working on the domain of the soul and the freedom is not far away…

It is this aspect that gives a tremendous duality to the experience and why some people get so angry with me that I wont tell them what Roger is feeling, but there a thousand out there who will.. but that’s not spirituality or metaphysics.. that’s keeping you from it…

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