Twin Soul, Karmic Relationship And The Rest

Someone made a comment that’s very common in my work where it relates to soul connections. They said they couldn’t find me on the web for quite some time because I didn’t register high in a search for “the usual” topics.. such as ‘karmic relationships’ and other relationship based topics..

There’s a reason for that, ( apart from the fact that there’s no such thing as a karmic relationship ) and that is my work has nothing to do with relationships… metaphysics means the soul’s journey, the non physical elements of the experience of life for the individual.. A relationship is a social status, and a soul connection can happen to anyone regardless of that social status… its the experience of your soul irrespective of what has happened or you want to happen physically…

So much as you may dislike it, a soul connection is a metaphysical subject.

Some people write to me and say i’ve become cynical about love and “sold out” or “don’t care” anymore and that’s hogwash.. I teach people how to love, I help them be free to love without pain or need or attachment..

I teach them to be free to love everyone and anyone at levels far above what they could before. I teach them how to break the prison of need.. which is not a function of love.. The connection is not meant to be a prison nor anything that causes them to wait for someone else to set them free, its meant to help them do it for themselves, and they can only be truly free to love that person when there is no more need or pain

So much pop spirituality makes the physical aspects “divine” or “meant” and justifies the pain or angst as the validation as how “special” it is..

My work was at #1 on google for 10 years but since the explosion of the “twin soul”, “karmic relationship” and other badges, tens of thousands of new experts have arisen writing about soul connections in terms of the divine partner and writing about relationships.. Some people even imagine ordinary empathic interactions are “soul connections” and when they have a real soul connection then need an even greater superlative to label it so this is the “twin soul”.. It’s all got way out of whack…

This is nothing at all to do with soul connections….

And so I am like the last cuckoo clock repair guy in town because google and the like with rank all those sites way higher because they use more ‘current” and ‘topical’ and ‘relevant’ ways to link soul connections as love and relationships etc.

However..people do find me, just when they’re much further down the line and usually when they’ve done a few years of the other stuff, and often, but not always, when they’re ready to treat a soul connection as a soul connection and do whats necessary to allow it to take them to a new level..

I’m not unhappy with that because that’s what it is, that’s whats its been and that’s what it will be and its one of the things I’ve been working with people on since well before the new labels and icons and beliefs and trends came along..

So maybe I’m just where I need to be to really help people, well out of the way of the noise, and ready to welcome people and they emerge confused, bewildered and disappointed from the fog, and ready for some real happiness..

And watching them do that and finding the REAL power of what the connection did for them never gets old…

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