Time and Again, and again, and again

Thank you for the emails on this subject.. I’ve already written a fair amount about it before but I’ve been asked to post some more to on this widely discussed phenomenon which i’ll happily oblige..

Generally speaking there’s this idea that destiny defines place, person, time and outcome of events and that it’s possible for readers to read all four, the only variable being the readers’ ability.. Well we know that’s not the case because universal law proves that destiny doesn’t ever define all four elements in any situation, she will define a minimum of one and a maximum of three. This is how freewill works in collaboration with destiny, in that, in every situation there is a minimum of one, maximum of three elements that WE are allowed to decide with our freewill.

So in any given event there are both freewill and destiny elements, it’s absolutely fundamental to how the universal mechansisms work to force us to learn and experience certain things at certain times. The universal law of duality pertaining to test and reward for instance, HAS to have a freewill element or we wouldn’t be allowed to make the wrong move and thus learn from our mistakes.. Many people brush over the issue of how destiny and freewill interact because its not something thats widely understood unless you embark on a journey into the complexities of the universal laws and mechanisms.

In the situation that I’m mostly asked about ( not by my clients but i tend to get general mail on these subjects ), the timing of return of a soul connection is the BIGGIE. ..Typically “how come s/he reader could see this and that and the other but not get the timing right”
As for the universal laws that drive times of karmic lessons, the timing is the element of freewill more often than not. In some cases ( and I’ve had these as well, where the timing is defined years ahead ) they’re really easy to read and the prediction was right on. Timing isn’t difficult to read it just doesn’t always exist – and its rare ( but not unheard of ) in karmic tests like soul connections.

And so we see the evidence time after time, year after year, even decade after decade, that the vast majority of these predictions on the timing of a return don’t come true because freewill elements can not be read in advance.
There are other quite complex reasons why this is so in soul connections but thats down to learning faith, not patience, and is part of this whole karmic lesson thing.

The freewill element can’t be read by anyone because it doesnt exist until the decision has been made – prior to that time it’s a guess and could come out either way.

To the people who are now very badly off financially and have written looking for help, I really understand and feel for the pain that’s been suffered on the guaranteed timing thing, and i thank you for now approaching me and asking for my advise which i give with pleasure. But please also talk to those who you spent all the money with and make them aware so that they understand the pain suffered and can make their future choices and decisions in the light of real feedback……Where we are looking for “when”, we often have to ask ourselves is this in order to feel better ?..and in many cases it will be… we’ve all experienced that need at some time..

BUT I will add once again that if we learn what the universe wants us to and accept the lesson then the outcomes are usually infinitely better and cooler than we could have imagined, just maybe not what we had planned or when we had it planned….
Psychic reading is a powerful and acurate tool that produces reliable results and insight into all manner of aspects IF we understand how it really works and take the advise of our element of input to the future…
However, to use continued readings to feel better, is nowhere near as affective as , for example, a really good energy ritual, which learned over a few days, will take so much of that pain away that you aren’t driven to have so many readings and can learn to experience the energy phenomenon in a connections without so much agony.. Also very financially beneficial not needing all those readings…..

I wish i could tell you how many times the answer is “when am I going to do something” rather than “when are THEY going to do something”…which finally clicks that switch to move things….Talk to the people who’ve been through it they are a valuable and usually very willing resource to be called upon and I’m sure they would wish to share their stories.

Someone from the old board chukkles at how i’ve become “branded” since I wrote the book on soul connections some 6 or 7 years ago and I constantly remind her that it’s not about knowing about soul connections or relationships, in fact that couldn’t be more off the mark, it’s about working with universal law and energies that apply to EVERYTHING. It’s only when we can get that context for reading and working that we aren’t as endagered being led astray by the many negative forces that challenge us in these fields – only then can everything work together, all disciplines comes into focus and reveal one big plan that links to past lives, karma, destiny, freewill, lifepath, tests, and actually makes sense in a persons life overall not just with soul connections…..We can then learn how to jive with the energies of destiny and change not get crushed under them..

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