The War : Two Roads

In the war of spiritual oneness reassurance is the drug. – part of an epidemic that disempowers, through need. It is needing to know it can happen to you from wanting to see it happen to others. It is about waiting for external change and other people’s choices.. It fuels the inner emptiness. And most scarily it disguises itself as compassion and often even spirituality, yet it destroys.

Encouragement, empowerment and giving people tools are the path of real spiritual guidance. They are about one person – you and they support whilst at the same time pushing. they impart wisdom while at the same time challenging the idea that we each know what’s best for us…

Sadly I often hear stories of certain “spiritual” phone services where the fortune tellers ( they’re not called that on the service but its what they do ) make 200k or 300k a year or more, often from people spending hundreds or thousand a month which most of them can’t afford but their desperation drives them. This is incredibly and scarily common and is the dealer pusher part of the epidemic. These service companies seem to have no qualms about billing those sort of amounts and people go broke every day using them.

They will assure you that waiting is the answer, they will assure you you’ve met your twin flame, they will assure you you can manifest the answer you just aren’t doing it right. And it is getting more and more and more common..

Sometimes we are lost and all of us indulge way beyond what’s healthy until we find a way past it. But to refer to these sort of extremes of abuse under “spirituality” is an abomination and not the work of the light, nor is it compassion although I have seen that “flag of convenience” flying over it more than enough..

In the meantime for those of us who choose the real work it means sacrificing the big job and career, working 7 days a week, working crazily hard , studying, keeping it real and having a passion to do so.. It means often being unpopular because reality isn’t always the easy road. it means taking abuse because people often don’t want to hear that. It means committing to results not $$ BUT there is nothing more rewarding that seeing someone become happy and fulfilled through themselves, they just needed the guidance and the tools.

So anyone deciding they want to really helps others, first chose the path to the light or to the dark, they both exist under the same banner in popular culture. Secondly decide how much abuse you can take, and thirdly decide how much you can sacrifice. And finally if you make those choices, God bless you because you are a rare jewel.

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