The “Twin Flame” Thing

I’ve had a few emails asking why I don’t talk specifically to “the Twin Flame” thing…so that is perhaps good reason to address that in a short post..

In fact I do address it, the cosmic laws and metaphysics I talk about in my articles rule all soul connections.. hence I use the generic term soul connections as a description applicable to all connections

In all the years I’ve been doing what I do, I’ve seen the names and descriptions and myths come and go ….. Connections stay the same just the names and beliefs change – most recently the last 2 years its been extreme. I read phenomena ascribed to “the twin thing” that are classic soul connection phenomena, and people still talking about “karmic connections” if there really is something thats just out there in your universe just to hurt you.

For example when my book came out 6 or 7 years ago as an ebook you rarely heard the term “twin” the same connections were mostly refereed to as soul mates. Nowadays to hear one referred to as soul mate rather than twin something is very unusual.. And so the names have become so interchangeable nowadays that they lose what they used to refer to because they’re driven by individual belief of the person in the connection.

All connections are very individual, have widely differing situations, karma, people, issues and dynamics.. In terms of consulting with people its always massively different and variable and fascinating what comes up in each situation.. And yet underlying them all, after all transpires, I’ve never seen one that didn’t always stay within the fundamental laws of the universe as applicable to soul connections – year after year, case after case – irrespective of choices and individual dynamics – as these are a fundamental universal mechanisms…

With regard to consultations, if you call me talking about a twin or soulmate or karmic or whatever you want to call it, i wont put any slant or bias on anything, you can call it Norman if you want, I will simply psychically read what i see in your individual case and report it to you as best i can – what are important are the dynamics, lessons, energies, karma, options, paths and outcomes that are pertinent to you and i see it as my obligation to give you that, whatever anyone chooses to call it..

I feel that avoiding the labels nowadays is the best way to avoid the constantly shifting sands of peoples beliefs and expectations, but to address the subject properly, objectively and in-depth, without compromise due to labeling.. which will only just change again anyway..

Thank you for the emails they help keep me focused on what I need to address, clarify, amend or expand and I appreciate the time and effort put into them.

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  1. Makes sense to me. The first relationship that was so intense led me to do the research and find the term Twin Flame. I was sure that was what was happening to me. Then that ended, faded, and was replaced by a new one, that I was sure was a Twin Flame. This time I was sure. When that one was finished I had to re-evaluate again. This led me to change my description of it to “Twin Flame Lessons”… and now after reading this.. I could easily call them all, each and every one of the people who have had an effect on me “Soul Connections”. But I would express that these relationships I am having are becoming significantly more intense and are catalysts for my inner transformation. Even though it is becoming more painful..I appreciate it because I am aware of what it happening on some small level.

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