Lack of Objectivity – The Root Of All Evil

Clouded Light

I come across views that there are basically good and bad people in the world, the good ones doing the construction and the bad ones the destruction. And that this good or bad is fundamentally who these people are at their core. Add to that the labels that modern medicine slaps on us and we’re all watching out for the psychopaths and narcissists and the people with the ‘negative energy’. the evil doers.

Well let me assure you that many of the most most damaging deeds, by far the largest amount of evil, if you like to call it that, is done by people who are fighting what they themselves see as evil…and believing they are “the good guys”. Obsession, being “on a mission”, the righteous indignation, wanting to right the terrible wrong.. because that’s how they see it.. On a familiar level we’ve all seen a friend who gets something into their head and “goes off on one” and yet whats in their head didn’t happen or they misinterpreted it.. BUT the friend doesn’t see this because s/he has not been taught to be objective, she has been raised that reality is about her perception and beliefs and is so completely convinced they would even pass a lie detector test if given one.. because her belief has created a total alternate reality within which she is living. All she sees is a terrible wrong that someone must put right, but nobody else is doing it so she answers the call… and destruction ensues…. But nobody else is doing it because it didn’t happen.. her perception was colored.

This power of belief, the antithesis of objectivity is, as I see it, at the root of all evil.. People who beat partners, children, animals.. clouded by stress and “belief” that its ok to do that… Totally disconnected from the objective reality that it isn’t.. This model of “I believe therefore I can”, the license to do what the hell we want… Going back to the friend who couldn’t be objective and got something into her head that was wrong or upside down,. he or she will fight tooth and nail to “right the wrong” that they see or think they do because they are so offended.. and we’ve seen how obsessive and utterly destructive this can be..All they see is themselves as a good righteous person fighting the fight.. It would NEVER occur to them that they are deluded.. and yet this is common place occurrence in today’s society

So the devil’s best work is to remove objectivity.. remove our ability to see past interpretation and to connect to the absolute reality, the cosmic conscience that talks inside in whispers, but that we cant hear because of the roar of the ego that shouts “I BELIEVE THIS IS RIGHT AND I’M A GOOD PERSON SO IT MUST BE”…

So worry about teaching your kids to see that yes people and animals do suffer from abuse moslty executed by people who can;t see the wrong because according to their perception its ok..Teach them to be able to connect to that one reality irrespective of whatever religion belief or other filter they choose to adopt. teach them to look into the eyes and the soul of those they interact with and see the results of their actions.. ..

This one issue is probably THE most important spiritual issue, if you look around you will see yourself doing it sometimes, others will do it.. but you can learn to escape it and become more objective.. Oneness isn’t just being complete, its a oneness of universal law too…not a billion different views and beliefs, just one set of laws.

The subjective always criticizes the objective that they only “believe” they are being objective.. That’s projection, projection because the subjective believes their own perception and doesn’t question it. The objective however doesn’t s/he is using disciplines that constantly witnesses, reviews  and tests his/her actions against a known and tested and proven set of universal laws and standards.. Discretion is replaced with discipline.. just like the subjective would like to believe they have lost weight, the objective ignores that and goes to buy bathroom scales..

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