Am I On The Right Path ?

Am i on the right path?

Am I on the right path ?

If there is a most common question that comes up in consultations, it would be “am I on the right path”. I explain that there is no right or wrong path. To the ego the right path is the easiest and the one that leads to what we want in our lives. To the soul, the path is the one that gives the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth, bringing many challenges and rewards alike, the very opposite of what the ego wants – it just wants the rewards.

Ultimately there is one spiritual path, that of ever continuing development of objectivity over ego – of parallel development of compassion, empathy, empowerment and wisdom – leading to oneness..

Think of “the path” as an infinitely long assault course with interspersed rest areas where you get to celebrate having arrived at that point with a rest and some of your favorite food.. What follows is more challenging, but what’s been transcended has helped you grow. After a rest you get to try the next part, but each time you fail you come back around to try again… My job is telling you where you are on the course, why, what the forthcoming lessons are, why you need them, and what skills you need to develop in order to be able to navigate it.. And perhaps why you haven’t been successful in doing it so far.

That’s what the psychic skills are used for – and what they are meant to be used for, not for making predictions “don’t worry it’s all gonna be ok Roger will call Thursday”.. they are meant to be used to guide people in just this way I describe, – so next time you refer to a fortune teller as a “psychic” you may want to remember that its a perversion of the term, even though its what most people consider is how its meant to be..

But back to the issues !! .

Just as with a physical assault course, knowing whats coming is helpful but isn’t what’s gonna get you across it – its about developing skills, in the physical world physical skills, and in the metaphysical world metaphysical ones.. But they must be the appropriate ones.. I speak to many people who’ve tried a bit of everything and achieved a lot of nothing.. It needs to be the right skills in the right context for the right reason..



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