The Problem With Happiness

Working with your energy to change your state of being brings suprising results. Everyone starts out with limited beliefs and many self destructive tendencies but the good thing about good energy techniques is they dont care what you think – if your human and you do the work, it happens…

And then when people have been through the process and look back and try to tell others – they find other people don’t believe them.

It’s often said that “if it was this good it would be on Oprah” – well it is that good but it wont be on Oprah because people dont believe it can be that good.. Usually at the end of the work “why isn’t this stuff on Oprah its so amazing”…

As in all things its embedded human cynicism, the stuff we all have some of, the disease of judging and being judged for decades…mixed in with some desperately bad myths being confused with the metaphysics on popular websites – offering things that are at best variable and often have no lasting effect. It is really about good technique and training.

In the meantime, it works, it changes lives, it brings happiness..and it isn’t discriminatory.. Its working with the very power of being….the power in your existance…showing you that you are the miracle…

Yes its hard work, if you donl’t want to work at it forget it.. but if you do you’ll spend less effort doing the work that you put into stressing about life

Luna offered her feedback and gave me permission to post it…

People get frustrated that I am content. I tend to laugh about everything going on around me then, it offends someone because I’m so light-hearted. my laughing gets me into trouble. I keep my boundaries up when someone attacks. I’m sorry for them, but there is no need to get upset. this one guy always says I agitate him w/my objectivity, he gets infuriated! LOL

The Energy work and Meditation is the best – keeps me so in tune! no wonder you kept telling me to do it way back when all those times my head was freaking. I am comfortable with everything even if I still get startled from time to time. I feel more connected every day. I learn more each day & I get amazed this is happening.

The hard part is getting started. When all this began, I panicked because it overwhelmed me, but there is nothing to be overwhelmed about. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. that’s the problem with being a beginner and your techniques helped me in so many ways, I don’t know how to thank you.

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  1. So true! I did the PN energy work in September 2009 and 9 months on, it’s still doing the trick. I totally resonate with Luna’s experience. I’m not always on a high, the stuff of life still gets me down from time to time but when it does, I have the tools to get myself back to centre instead of stewing about things endlessly and getting angrier and angrier-the triggers never go away, but the solution is at hand-very quick and effective!

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