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I sometimes look at the website stats to see which search queries caused people to land on certain subjects on the website – i.e. what term they entered into Google or whichever search engine they used. I was struck by one in particular this week which was a search for “Ego death is it necessary”.

Now I’m sure there will be those out there who’ve had more than enough of this topic and I know that classically trained ( psychology based ) views often say “we need our ego”… so let me expand a little.

It isn’t strictly speaking the “ego” we are talking about, it is elements of it but psychology does not use the same methods to differentiate what those elements are as does many of the spiritual disciplines.. Hence the term “ego” is used in public as the nearest approximation that would be generally understood by people who haven’t yet learned the disciplines…

Neither does it “die” it simply loses control. So the term “ego death” isn’t technically true but its an approximation using terms that most people would be aware of….

How that differs is very detailed and quite important and way beyond the scope of an article like this however it is taught in principles such as my Ptsen-Nuh ( )

In headline terms it means certain perceptions and programmed systems lose control and become subservient rather than dominant.. This isn’t reprogramming, it isn’t anything mental or behavioral in the spiritual approach or in methods such as i teach because they do not generally produce acceptable long term results.

If you have been through a major life trauma for instance, you are already being forced to see the need go through at least some of this process.. as the need to “know” and control fights the need to feel emotional pain and the two tussle in battle ..

Thus this “ego death” is singularly the most important element to spiritual progression and the one gateway we must all navigate. If you doubt that then simply study some of the more advanced spiritual development methods, techniques or religions and see how it underpins so much; where in order to find real self we must lose conceptualized self

In simplistic terms what this means is that part of self knowledge is predictive, judgmental and intrinsically defaults to negative and defeatist. One of the great secrets we learn from working the techniques on our spiritual journey is that this “ego self” isn’t US its HOW we have become not WHO we are.. and is a consequence, an aspect of being human, and until its dis-empowered has the nature to want to gain increasing control

Where “ego death” comes from is from the observation that ego ( the part of it i described earlier ) causes problems because we give it power.
Nobody is questioning the human rights to have likes and dislikes, choices and freedom, thats not the issue here. BUT what we do is we give it even more power than that – we give it a power greater than the universe when we allow it to judge our self worth – overriding a decision that is a clear and definite act of divine creation.

This becomes extreme with things like obsession and addiction where we often describe this phenomenon using the word “insanity” to observe how we can become so programmed to self defeat through this process and our judgment of self. In fact one of the things my work teaches is that most people have a level of addiction and that reassurance is the largest addiction.. because our emotions are controlled by external situations and we can’t center, hence we often need to be reassured “nothing bad is coming down-the-pipe..” so we cant live in the moment

And so our crucial “ego-death” signals the ending of the “God in the brain” that is so powerful it can have the audacity to not only judge your own self, but your future and everything associated with it – so much it can make your life unhappy at best, miserable at worst….and you are glued to whats going to happen in the future that you can;t live fully in the now

In answer to a few questions about what its like :

People who’ve been through ego death don’t stop thinking, they simply make clearer more objective choices..

People who’ve been through ego death don’t stop feeling they start feeling, but real feelings not old triggers, they’re no longer walking the tightrope of “what if” because of the old fear and residual emotional wounds being held inside.

People who’ve been through ego death haven’t been taught to believe or think anything, they’ve been taught to be who they are with every cell of their being and to be in touch with it entirely.

If you want to know what thats like, its like when you were 2 or 3 years old, laughed when happy and cried when sad, but the next day or even the next hour everything was ok again and you were open free and fascinated with the world.

Why we need this process;

So my answer to the person who searched the original query on Google is to make your choice – but at some point in one lifetime or other it has to happen….

By far the majority of people who haven’t achieved this state will tell you they have…will tell you they’re enlightened yet they still work from opinion and personalization which they call objectivity. Its not difficult to spot but its difficult to show people they’re doing it.. Life usually takes that on by giving us major crises that break down the walls so that we can gradually start to “see the light” that we have indeed been trapped in the matrix

As one example of a life crisis- in soul connections, one of the big lessons with all of them is that the pain comes from ourselves… mainly from this tearing between ego-self and energy self. No accident, as the universe tries to teach us the divine state of acceptance of love and of absence of need, the stuff of ego satiation. It’s from this lack of satiation comes the pain, not from the love.

For all those fans of the symbolism in the movie “The Matrix” yes it really is talking about ego death, being outside of the illusion or “matrix” of opinions, those of ourselves and others.

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