The Peace Of Mind Myth

All over the Internet you’ll read self help style posts about finding peace of mind…

Using ‘positive thinking’, avoiding ‘negative thoughts’, controlling your mind to manifest what you want, and trying to clear your mind to meditate…

But there are several problems with this that makes these approaches null and void, and its why so many people struggle so much with it..

Firstly what you have been taught as “mind” is several processes that all work differently and so the entire concept of having one “mind” is nonsensical.

Firstly: There are objective observations and inputs from the physical senses, memory recall, subjective interpretations, and abstract processes seeking to judge ,label and predict the future, and all of these are different systems – so lumping them into one box is not going to work…

Secondly: Imagine you are feeling warm and cosy and excited and fantasizing about meeting your ideal mate on a sun drenched beach while sipping a cocktail.. Your “mind” is working overtime on all this fantasy and creation but suddenly you don’t seem to have the same issue with wanting to shut it up….

Conclusion : Peace, happiness, flow, harmony are all states of ENERGY not “mind”

If you are flowing, it doesn’t matter whats going on in there because you feel peace… but when you aren’t it really does matter and you pay attention to what its saying !

So leave behind all the “mind’ stuff, it doesn’t work, it can’t work… its about emotions irrespective of whats going on between the ears..

Emotions are what we call Chi or Qi energy, your life force.. and how these flow control everything. The sense we get of chi flowing we call emotions, and as it flows it controls both the body chemistry via stimulating the brain, that chemical factory.

And so someone out of energy balance will have imbalanced body chemistry and someone in balance will have better balanced body chemistry.. Diet can affect this but overall the largest force at work on it is the chi…

So even if you aren’t yet ready to dive into energy work and get trained how to do it, do yourself a favor and ditch the idea that peace is anything to do with the head or the “mind”. You are never gonna shut it up anyway… it just doesn’t work that way …

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