The Misunderstood Mechanics of Destiny

As well as the usual “what’s going to happen” advise, I work in reading, guiding counseling and teaching people who are undergoing the most major traumas – people who feel like they’ve wandered off their life path.

From losing a loved one or a soul mate, to people who just think their life is somehow cursed with bad luck from years of trying to push forward and repeatedly meeting opposition, lack or opportunity or suffering at the hands of others.

In these extreme cases destiny’s fingerprints are usually to be found everywhere and “WHY” is always the question.

In order to understand why the individuals have to experience such life traumas we need to look at the big picture; their destiny, life purpose and Karma.

The secret is that the universe has purpose – rules and challenges. Nobody is here by accident; we are all here to live out our life’s purpose, to learn from experience and to walk the path. No life is pointless, it’s all about progression, learning and succession to a higher level – something that even transcends one physical lifetime because our soul returns to continue the progression.

This is our KARMA, the grand plan for our lives – the credits and debits, the good and the not so good, the challenges and rewards – the path we must tread.

It never fails to amuse me when people call up and ask when they will meet their soulmate; but of course he or she has to be no older than 27, tall, rich and good looking. And of course if they could meet them before the holidays that would be great. These are the same people who will most likely call me again in a few years in misery, married to the wrong person and unable to move on because of commitments.

Another type of reading are the ones who expect the universe to deliver everything at their door and take care of everything without making any effort. The “I know he’s not good for me but I’ll stay until something happens or I meet someone else”

But we and destiny both have a part to play in order to move along the path. She will present the opportunities and challenges but we must continue to walk the path.

The secret is understanding how WHAT WE WANT and what’s MEANT TO BE sometimes coincide, and frequently contradict. Sounds simple but as always, in the simplest of things is to be found the greatest wisdom and the greatest challenges.

Consider our destiny not so much a path as a maze. The maze represents all of the possible challenges and rewards, all of the ups and downs, and all the people who we will meet who are destined to come into our lives to bring happiness or conflict – and all of the options we can choose.

Within that framework of the maze we have free will. At any point we can turn left or right, go straight ahead or go back. As humans we frequently have the illusion that life is totally free will. After all we can choose what to wear, where to go, who to marry and what color we want our décor. But ( didn’t you just know there was a but ! ) in some things we ultimately don’t.

Our ‘free will’ and our destiny are ultimately intertwined by the fact of our existence within the predefined framework of the karma – the maze – the framework of the path from birth to death and ultimately rebirth.

What I mean is that if we are meant to pass a certain point, a certain key destined event ( cycle ) , then we will. We can temporarily attempt to avoid these and make a sharp left turn because we have our free will – but we will just eventually again arrive at the same junction having gone around in a big circle but having learned something very valuable on the way – a karmic lesson. Fear, doubt, needing to control and other people’s influence can all make us take these choices in our lives but ultimately we can not avoid destiny, and that’s why the maze is such a good analogy.

This is why with these karmic events its impossible to predict time – especially where it involves another person learning a karmic lesson because that time is down to you and the other person finding the right way so time is never defined in these instances and is therefore unreadable by anyone . . Having said that many psychics will offer you 97% accuracy and a whole lot of other promises.. but they wont ever get it right in these cycles – except by coincidence..

With other predictions – when your not in a karmic cycle or loop, most psychics will see that new job opportunity arriving within the month and most will be right on that timing because its not a lesson, not your free will and not dependent on another person fulfilling karma.– it’s a pre destined gift from the universe that was always meant to occur at that time and therefore it can be easily seen within a time frame. In other words it’s an approaching junction in your maze.

But will you take the job…and when..that’s the free will element….

People say to me “oh well my lesson is patience” – no. It’s faith and surrender. Understand that things that have to happen will happen, not necessary in the way you want physically but in cycles of energy that influence you and those around you . Don’t be a slave to the timing or outcome of things as you want it, you have your own path to walk and many other things that need to be encountered on the way.  Ultimately free will cannot overcome destiny it can only delay things but each person needs to learn their lesson before they can move forward. And they will – the universe has much more control than we realize. What will be will be…but as I say that is in terms of cycles of energy not in terms of how you may want it in physical terms.

The ultimate goal is to transcend our fears and doubts, to relinquish control, to be open to opportunity and to be prepared to follow the path to wherever it leads. Frequently we as humans ‘want’ our path to be a straight line from where we are now to what we want and set off in that straight line assuming it’s going to work. Understand that it may well be that there are twists and turns, unexpected cycles of events, challenges and also unexpected rewards.

Use those instincts, intuition, senses and emotions. We all have them and through them we are guided in the optimum direction…

If you make a decision based upon your best instincts and it felt right but it all went wrong then realize that although its been a challenge and a lesson, its just something you had to go through to get to an even better place and without having transcended that challenge, that experience, you couldn’t get to where you are going. Somewhere much better !

Information is coming to you from your instincts and senses all the time and it isn’t wrong……..Listen to those instincts – be prepared to take what life deals.

A consultation will help you appreciate the context of the forces around you, the cycles, the tests and help you navigate the maze !

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  1. Thank you, this really helped me! Especially the part about soulmates, their returning and time. I’ve waited a long time for things to work out between me and my soulmate so we can be together, but she’s been too scared (me being another woman pluss other factors) and runs. I’ve been told we are meant to be together and will be, and I have always felt very, very strongly since we met several years ago that it will be okay in the end, and that she’s the woman I will marry. We have a telepathic bond so I have noticed many times she has wanted to come and was near decided, but fear has gotten the better of her in the end every time.
    Anyway, I’ll keep having faith (I have been so near giving up, would that make a difference as to the outcome, as you say my lesson would be just that – FAITH – would it make things harder if I were to lose it?), and try to get better at living MY life in the meantime, not just waiting for her and being sad and wondering why it keeps being put off. Yes, I thought my lesson was patience, too… Thank you so much, Steve! God bless you!! Warm regards, Anne

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