The Miracles Are Everywhere

The universe’s miracles are everywhere and she doesn’t hide them.. but they will never be understandable in the way that we train ourselves to ‘understand’ things…

What we refer to as ‘understanding’ comes from a framework based on the idea that we live in a physical universe and the ‘logic’ we apply to everything is based upon simple principles of physical cause and effect on a linear frame we call time..

Thus from this perspective, we will never be able to see these things as they are .. It is only when we have abandoned the context we have been taught, and can start to come from a context of cycles of events not lines of time, of interplay of forces not single events, of multiple levels but without hierarchy, and of all things being part of one, not seperate connected elements, that we can even start that journey..

What frustrates more people than anything else is when I tell them that I can explain what they want to know, and i can explain it completely, BUT i can’t explain it in the context they’ve asked it, I can’t plug it into their understanding, instead I need to teach them the context that their universe uses and THEN it will be obvious..

It is this issue that is at the core of what we refer to generically as the ‘ego death’ process or massive unlearning, that is a bridge we must cross on the path to oneness with our universe.. THEN we not only see the miracles but become aligned with them.

It is also responsible for the extreme polarization that people display to what is the exact same approach. if we are too deep into ego we resent that we can’t learn in the context we want and choose, if we are ready to really learn we don’t mind losing that context even thought it’s not easy..

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