The Metaphysics of Divine Timing

Time on the physical plane marches on steadily.. Well at least it did until Einstein proved it isn’t a constant…but nevertheless we are used to a concept of time being an unvarying linear entity stretching out ad infinitum into the future…

This concept of time comes from the human life cycle and the physical properties of decay and entropy, we observe in nature….every day getting a day older and watching the seasons change..
Being deeply ordained in the daily reality of the physical world, its natural that we also perceive that when something’s physical existence disappears… that its an end to existence period….And thus between birth and death is a period of time that will pass linearly…

So how do we sometimes get a feeling of time standing still ? and how sometimes are there periods when nothing seems to happen and everything we do to try to make it happen just wont work…?

Well on the spiritual plane, the plane of emotions and feelings and sensations, the plane of destiny and past and present and future in cosmic events, and the plane of lessons and progressions across all our lifetimes….time doesn’t exist in a linear way. Nor is it geared to the physical universe in a day-by-day basis, its a series of cycles within cycles…

At this point i guess we could all say “oh well i live on this physical earth in this lifetime so i want answers to what’s happening in a way that relates to my physical life and time”

Often when we feel time is standing still we notice that external events don’t seem to we’re in some sort of void of destiny or luck…yet each day we get one day older and work one more day….The key to understanding this is the understanding of how our concept of linear time and energetic time ( the stuff which drives destiny, change,”luck” and external events ) interact…..

All of use will experience periods when things move fast, opportunities come in and life is sailing along. And likewise the opposite, at least one time when it feels like time itself has been derailed. Im not talkng about the fact that it just SEEMS slower, but that we really do intuitively sense that things have somehow become derailed…. periods of stagnation, times when it seems the gears of our destiny are unmeshed and we feel ‘stuck’..

The secret to understanding this phenomenon is to understand there are times when we are meant to be forced to be devoid of external intervention in our lives that will unstick us. These are times when usually events will generally seem to stop. Waiting for things wont happen and however hard we push doors they don’t seem to open….Many of these times are to drive us to question the foundation of our belief systems…When we feel derailed we seek answers externally and when they arent forthcoming we start to look deeper, further………

There are reminders that outside of our little bubble that theres still a mechanism at work and these are twofold usually. One the stunning lack of external events, usually WAY beyond coincidence – to the point where we think there must be purpose behind our situation . The second, synchronicity, those little signs that somewhere the gears of the universe really are turning and we haven’t been left behind…

Usually times when we’re off path, times when there’s something we need to learn, something we need to see from another perspective, some turn in the road we missed. Its the universes way of saying “wake up there’s something needed to be observed or learned here”. Often they are times when there’s an element of the transition we call destruction-of-ego. When something we think, something ingrained has to shift.. has to take a major turn. For example when the universe wants us to become closer to our true selves, the partner, the job, the good news seems to be held back…..and that’s very deliberate, as a way to finally force us to accept the inner self from being in a total void of external validation..

Often in soul connection situations it feels like things are stuck , the connection brings with it lessons and karma to enforce the learning of those lessons. The feeling of “something is still incomplete” is that karmic imbalance, the pressure to make us dive deep and find what we need to learn. People frequently ask why we have to learn through being given pain and tests. The answer to that is that the human ego will most often take the easiest road and thus given a choice how many of us would voluntarily put ourselves into difficult situations, often for many year, just so we could learn how to climb out…….

So how is this time standing still as opposed to it just seeming like it is. ? Well ifanyone reading this has been through one of these cycles they will know that inside the loop is devoid in many ways and it really does have this sense of being “off track” for long long periods of time. The lack of external events is also a sign that our energy and that of our life path the universe has decreed, are not locked together, andso were in the learning zone not moving anywhere. Intuitively we can just feel this….

So how do we escape these cycles and how can we predict how long they will last?

In these particular cycles future events can be predicted but the WHEN goes out of the window because your in the “time out” cycle…Its all too often that all thats been predicted comes together once a person has unlocked themselves from the cycle. It may be theyre finally decided to make a change to something, finally decided to stop seeking validation from others, finally decided to be assertive – whatever the lesson is, time after time ive experienced all that was predicted for that person suddenly coming into fruition once they pass the test.Its as if things wait on the timeline at a certain point, and the person decides when they pass that point to unlock them. And that is just exactly how this works !

Now in other times, when theres no huge lessons around and we’re sailing along, linear physical time and cosmic cycles can and do interact and relate. This is where the illusion comes about whats predictable.

Some events are easily predictable in time, some are impossible because of how time and destiny works….HOWEVER it will probably be to the end of time that many of us consider destiny as that string of pearls all neatly spaced out on the line in time increments because thats how brains like it, nice and logical…

To be true to the claim that many psychics make of being 99.9% accurate in predicting time, sometimes the answer HAS to be “there is no time to this event BUT there is a guaranteed outcome” …the two are inseparable events of the same situation….because in order to move forward one would have had to achieved a certain state of being…. In other events the answer would be “this will happen in this time period”. Each is geared to the event not the client or reader..

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