The Meaning of Synchronicity ?

All things were always connected and as we progress through many and varied levels of increasing awareness we begin to see it..

Synchronicity is never personal.

The human hunt for “a personal meaning”, a cause, effect, path and outcome is a hunt for a non linear universe to fit into a framework of linear human thinking. But as with all great spiritual lessons the answers aren’t logic and construct or concept, they are peace, contentment, connectedness, acceptance, belonging – getting further connected to the universe at the energy ( soul ) level, and more away from hard logic and personalized mental “meanings” or constructs.

Thus another example of ‘aspirational spirituality versus actual spirituality’ as i call it where its not about learning anything new, its about unlearning what we may want to believe and seeing more and more how there is purpose and meaning and connectedness in everything the universe does, and there always was.. BUT at a total level, a level we all feel because we are truly a part of the whole, not an individual personalized level that we mentally have to know or assign things to or individualize.

Because you notice the synchronicity doesn’t mean that synchronicity is personal, it means you noticed it.. And as synchronicity is an inate universal process yes it will affect you BUT not because its personally seeking you out – because its part of a universal process that affects all and connects all things..

And so seeking deep significant personal meaning or cause and effect to synchronicity is very dangerous and notoriously unreliable and misleading..

If we took for example the purpose of a caterpillar changing to a butterfly and living for just a few days before dying – we ask ourselves what was the purpose of such a major transition – it seems somewhat pointless in the context of the short life…

But on the global level it took a journey of evolution and thus fulfilled a part in its universe – thats the issue..At the individual level it seems somewhat pointless but at the level of oneness and connectedness of everything it has tremendous meaning. Although I’ve never spoken to a butterfly I’m somewhat sure they are at peace with this process because they don’t have the ego to try to see themselves as somehow outside of it…or that the transformation was personal

And they would surely not wonder at the coincidence of the leaves changing color just at the time they’re metamorphosing, or ask themselves did the season cause the metamorphosis or the metamorphosis cause the season to change – they would just accept it as all part of the same universal machine going through her cycles affecting all things at all times..

I keep quoting this extract for which i apologize but its so poignant and pertinent to the question of “what is spirituality” that I beg your indulgence to use it again

“Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize just as I did that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Morpheus – The Matrix, Warner Brothers 1999.

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