The long road to happiness

Want to look good, feel good, have more power and self – esteem, better relationships and more career success?
Then you aren’t alone.

Many of us have read self-help books or been to seminars on how to unlock our full potential, to alleviate fear and insecurity and understand how we can be empowered to feel good and to more easily face life’s many challenges.

Most of what’s published focuses on conditioning the mind to believe we are capable of an infinite number of things if only we can think differently. If we can re-condition our thought patterns and old behaviors we can unlock our innate power and take away self-defeating mechanisms, fear insecurity and worry.

More recently this concept went to another level with “the secret”. Although the “law of attraction” has been somewhat overstated as the greatest force in the universe and the one answer by the marketing machine behind that movie, the movie is an important phenomenon in its time, in that it begins to be a gateway for greater general awareness of the energy world – and to bring universal laws of interaction of energy into greater public consciousness.

In other words it demonstrates that its not just thinking better deluding us that we’re happier, but that it has a definite and tangible result from positive energy begetting positive energy in a real world energetic interaction with the universe.

This concept and the other equally important universal laws of interaction of energy have been well known for thousands of years and used by everyone from the magi through alchemists, witches, voodoo practitioners and energy workers. For example witches quote the “law of 3’s”, a karmic phenomenon of whatever you put out you get back 3 times.

Likewise that energy will also attract opposites. Just like the North Pole of a magnet attracting the south in the physical world. Just as one simple example look at the bible – it features someone who thought good, did good and produced good, but at a huge personal price. This phenomenon is popularized as the “no good deed goes unpunished” law.

Energy will attract its like and its opposite.

So what’s really important to accept is that it’s the total map, the total world of energetic interaction that’s the deal to be understood. This isn’t to pour cold water on the concept of self improvement and giving out more positive energy however there are other dynamics at work we have to understand.

And this is a REALLY IMPORTANT issue when dealing with life improvement. There isn’t one phenomenon to understand – but how all of them interact and particularly how we as humans effect, and are effected by – these energy interactions.

The Human Condition.

Most of the techniques we’ve discussed here are about training ourselves to think positive and negate negative trends of thought.
But do you notice how most people have more than one of these books.

And do you also notice, that whilst initially having very positive results, people tend to slip back into the ‘old ways’ once the feel good factor of the work has faded away.

Human minds have an innate tendency to slip into negativity, hence the work of forcing ourselves to become always positive requires constant support.
The reason for the very limited long term success of these strategies is extremely simple.

What underlies, what creates these negative thought patterns in the first place is something infinitely more powerful…EMOTIONS. In other words, we can chant our power mantras, look in the mirror and tell ourselves we are strong and will go forward and take on the world. But do we really FEEL it ?

Unless we can get to a place where we really FEEL powerful and centered, old emotional patterns will gradually put us back into that place from where we came, recreating those negative mental patterns.

We can feel great and be thinking positive but we go into work and the boss is having a bad day, the results of which find some focus on us and how easily do we slip back into “stinking thinking”.

We don’t worry the plane won’t crash when we feel the turbulence. And when we lose a job we rarely worry we’ll get a new one too quickly. So even in these simple examples we can see a basic nature of the brain that has an intrinsically negative and self defeating aspect.

As a friend of mine once said, “trying to change emotions from just thinking differently is like trying to decorate the hall through the keyhole” So the $64,000 question is can we change emotions in order to make more permanent positive changes? And the answer is YES.

The secret is those 7 energy centers where we store emotions, conditioned responses, old wounds and memories from not just this life but every life we’ve had.

Mostly considered as single entities and somehow detached from mental perception of self, chakras are generally worked on and cleared in that way – as single energy entities.

However the reality is actually that each chakra is more like a ‘mini personality’, having response tendencies, action tendencies, and sense memory. These are the majority of what we would classically refer to as our ‘personality’.

As humans we usually attribute so much of consciousness and perception of reality to the mental state; however so much of how we are and how we respond to external situations is through energetic reaction. We are all picking up the energy from people and situations all around us, not just from what we see or hear but also through these chakras which always sense energy if we realize it or not.

So consciousness is a mental integration of logical thought, abstract thought and a lot of input from the present state of each chakra, as well as what it’s sensory input is receiving from the energetic world around.

Likewise chakras release energy through action and deed, they are the “us”, the fire the passion the emotions the loves and hates… the inner self. Indeed when we can get them producing positive energies we do send out positive energy and the law of attraction does produce results.

So the lower order, more powerful way to achieve a REAL and CONSISTENT feeling of good is through a deeper understanding of our energetic self rather than just the mental self where we find we have to constantly put energy into thinking positively so we don’t slip back.

A deeper journey into inner self and understanding our energies in a more detailed sense than just at each chakra level is a key to seeing how and why we react emotionally to different stimulus, and what triggers have been implanted through life’s experiences.

Just cleansing this chakra or that chakra is not working at a deep enough level to work on how whatever trigger or action or emotion is in that chakra works together with our thoughts, deeds and reactions.

Going deeper into and fully understanding these little and quite complex energy centers and how they really are us, and how they act, respond, and store aspects of our self and our experiences allows us to look at what’s empowering, what’s dis-empowering, what is working for us and what’s working against us.

Through this journeying or mapping we seek the balance of empowered compassion rather than our loves creating pain when not reciprocated. We find the balance of instinct and thought rather than the ‘head / heart” conflict. We find that our mind calms as we find that inner balance and we react less from emotions and more from understanding of the real dynamics of situations.

Balance leads to calm leads to positivity and the natural creation of positive energy without the need for constant mental effort. It allows us to be loving but with empowered boundaries such that love doesn’t become opening to de-validation or abuse.

We seek less from others because we have more within and therefore obey one of the most powerful laws of the universe of individual soul progression…And of course where we came in, positive energy begets positive energy BUT we aren’t going to be defeated by the tripwires of day to day life and other people’s actions.

We become the positive energy rather than need to manage thought to maintain it.

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