The Ego Particle

In order to understand universal processes you cannot see the universe as a physical entity, you must look at it as energetic entity with physical sub-aspects.

All physical things respond in synchronicity to these energy cycles. The positions of the planets for example. The planets don’t directly influence you, they just also are in synch with the same universal cycles hence there’s a correlation we can observe.

The cycles of nature, your own physiological cycles, all things respond to these energies and most living things will remain in harmony, in resonance with them..
including your intuition, which is your energies sensing the universal energies and those of other living things..

However, mankind has developed a purely physical “intelligence” that of the ego – the brain is a physical object that cannot sense your energies and thus it is detached from your intuition and thus has developed concepts based on the Boolean logic of cause and effect on the physical plane. For example this ego ignores the never ending cycles and creates an imaginary line called “time” that is not cyclical.. this is based upon the physical life of a person, because the ego only looks at the single physical aspect of our life cycle… Thus man develops belief instead of observation, and he has indeed lost the ability to observe outside the framework of his own ego,

Thus the orchestra is playing in A minor and the ego in D flat. We are not resonant with the natural cycles, have lost much of the magic and power we used to understand and have access to long ago and instead develop physical technologies then wonder how they built the pyramids, and think “it can only be technologies right ????” because we no longer have access to the most powerful forces in the universe.

The ability to reconnect is now firmly behind a barrier called “belief”, the new God of ego that decides and judges everything even the universal processes.. in other words these process don’t exist unless we can measure them on a physical instrument. But DUH you can’t because they are not on the physical plane they simply affect the physical plane..

Teaching people to escape the ego and work with their energy produces a WOW ever day.. every day we achieve things the person didn’t think possible and that cannot be explained by ‘convention” and I mean every day, not just now and then.. The magic is here its within you and around you and it happens all the time. you just need to learn how to reconnect.. This is my work, its what i do and its the most challenging and rewarding…

So for all the people calling “ascension”, leave it a few hundred years please, this species is still looking the wrong way down the telescope and still thinking the answer is a particle.

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