Spiritual Case Studies – Important Facts

It seems that some people are reading the case studies as being case studies specifically about soul connections or from the relationship angle of the soul connection phenomenon..and this is not the case of why they appear here in this particular context. This case studies section focuses on the core issues of spiritual progression, i.e. issues of personal transformation and healing …whatever the cause of that transformation – be it a soul connection or other spiritual experience.

Yes many of them, at least so far in the series, were caused to go on that journey from a connection, ( not surprisingly when its one of the universes main mechanisms to trigger transformation ) but the story of their connection or any relationship stemming from that connection, may not be finished, however this story so far that they share with us, is of their journey of the phase through healing and into peace is well on its way to being concluded – instigated and actualized solely by their hard work and commitment.

Whatever the cause of our pain the healing mechanisms are the same, as are the principles and techniques to deal with it…

A big thank you to all who shared so that they can give hope and inspiration to people in difficult and painful situations. I can promise you that everyone who wrote those stories also felt it was hopeless and that they would possibly not get through it..

But the issue is – that however dark it seems – there is a way out, and that way out is from using your own abilities to heal.. Any human has that ability but most have no concept of it… and the tools to use it are sadly lacking, even in a world where there are allegedly a gzillion ways and yet most fail in the long term..

My part in the process was showing them how it worked and giving them powerful tools to use – not convincing them they could do it or doing it for them..and they did all the hard work..

The continuing story of these people’s romantic lives and aspirations continues in another context as another part of their story, but what they have achieved so far guarantees them happiness going forward….

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  1. I check back at Steve’s site from to time and was surprised to see how many new case study entries there were since I did mine (Sarah’s Story). It’s great to see how many are willing to share their experiences in order to give others comfort that what’s happened is a gift that has lead to in inner peace after so much pain. Yes, it is hard work, but not impossibly hard and months on, I still feel great overall and when stuff comes up, I move past it very quickly. I can personally vouch for this article by Steve!

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