The 4 Stages of a spiritual experience

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Broadly speaking there are 4 phases to any spiritual experience.

Phase 1 _ The Madness.

DISBELIEF  ‘I need to know I’m not going mad’.. reading everything, trying to find others with similar experiences and chasing the ego as it goes around and around… The “no I’m imagining it” to the “no its real” and back again..Applying broad rules to every situation in an attempt to understand..and slapping labels on everything.

ADDICTION & OBSESSION – The “If I could just KNOW it would all be ok”

This is where pop spirituality and the fortune teller readings function and why they’re so addictive because they’re offering the ego reassurance in order to find peace, its not spirituality but feeding the need to avoid the fear.. when the fear is often the key to what lies behind the lesson so we need to work with it not avoid it..


Phase 2._Surrender

The “ego chase” left you confused and not much changed so you start to accept the experience as an experience. many are also broke from the addictive FT cycles of Phase 1.


Phase 3 _The Metaphysics. ( my work is all in this section )

Getting some metaphysical guidance, learning what the experience was, why you had to have it, and what you needed to learn. Learning how to work through the lessons and transcend the experience..


Phase 4_Completion..

You accepted and did the work, you passed the test, spiritual growth occurred and peace once again reigns…

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