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Someone wrote me a very lovely email explaining how this person liked what I’d written. She went to explain she wouldn’t be buying the audio-books as she prefers the written word and can go back and read it again and again.

I was very pleased, and her comments are not unusual, but here’s a big issue that could be misleading her..

I had a written-word book out for more than a decade and in that period I communicated with people from all over the world, and all who had seemingly read a different book. For some it did what it was meant to be which was to be a bridge between popular culture and some real metaphysics and be in support of my work.

For others it was something quite different indeed…It got so weird that some people went on to make me almost a cult hero of a theory that I never supported at all, others went on to write scathing reviews because they read the book then when they spoke to me I was “coming from an entirely different place” than the author of the book and “how dare I”. One woman formed a group just to try to discredit me..and for 3 months arguing about me was the top topic in a leading forum.

I learned something that all authors learn.. people don’t absorb what you write, they absorb what they interpret about what you write..

To say it was a shock is an understatement.. For years I struggled with it.. In the end I took the book out of circulation.. because what it was doing was compromising my work not supporting it.. I hadn’t understood when I wrote it how people would make it what they wanted it to be not what it was..

Since the audio-books have been out that hasn’t happened once.. that’s because when you hear things you hear them in context, the inflection,. the passion, the explanation that doesn’t really work with the written word.. People HATE me saying this but here’s the issue.. without exception, the people who liked the written word because they could refer back to it and compare it to others writers, were the ones who, when I talked to them later, I had no idea what they were talking about.. because the layers of applied interpretation had gradually taken them in a different direction.

The ego struggles to apply interpretation to the experience of hearing someone speak much more than it layers its own story onto the written word… Now I appreciate that some people don’t have the ability to hear and over the years I have, and continue to, produce articles and am also very happy to communicate with them on messenger and email to help as much as I can…

In the end, all material, audible or written, is presented in the context of the work.. my work is in teaching people how to align with the energy universe to overcome issues, become happier, more flowing and heal wounds of the past.. The experience of talking to you, you will feel things and your energies will respond to things your brain doesn’t – and so it will be just that, an experience.. I will guide you to sensations and feelings that your ego blocks out that you had no idea it did, I will show you how confusing interactions make total sense when you feel the energy at work…

This can’t be done by a book.. any book

The audio-books can be an important context setter to frame the work, start to appreciate how the energy universe works and that’s what they are meant to be..

I TRULY appreciate all the people who follow me and like what I write, please don’t see this as me dismissing it.. and I hope that what you read or hear you see as the menu and encourages you to move further and try the meal, to learn to work with the awesome power that is you and let me teach you some stunning techniques that will surprise and shock you and help you find that 🙂

God bless…/metaphysical-audiobook/

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