The “Surrender or Skip” Point

In emotional healing there is a point we will reach at least once.. the “surrender or skip” point as I call it.. It’s when residual emotions are being revealed and are close to the surface – we are stressed and worried and scared, and this is the point where we have the greatest opportunity to finally release them.. But in order to do that we have to choose to let the techniques and disciplines overrule what we want to do, that which we always did, which is to avoid it by closing down, running away or instigating denial..

The skipping is simply avoiding all information, people or triggers that remind us that we wanted this to happen and agreed to it, the denial mode often involves blaming others for bringing the emotions to the surface, sometimes even the techniques that we are signed up for that are meant to do exactly that job, and closing down is a mode of emotional suppression that makes sure that these same emotions get crammed back to down to control us for another decade or two.

Ptsen-Nuh was designed specifically to address these phenomenon and to demonstrate the mechanisms that cause them and to help the person face them and transcend them. Its not easy and everyone will reach the “surrender or skip” point at least once. Part of my job in teaching the system is getting the person to that point as many times as possible, but with all the tools to push past and each time release more …. It’s success where other systems fail is that it will keep cycling to this point however long it takes, each time peeling back another layer until finally the deepest of all emotions, the ones we had no idea were there, pop out. At that point the statement usually is “wow where did that come from”..

In order to go through this process its necessary to surrender control to the disciplines and that’s hard, its also why the system allows us to go past the surrender or skip point as many times as we need to otherwise it would fail..and its for this reason it can’t fail as long as ( I’ll say that again ) as long as, the person surrenders 111% t the system and that’s the most important aspect.

Its also why anyone who’s worked the system talks of how deep and profound its results are, whereas if we only feel “a bit better” we can be sure we haven’t done it, we haven’t gone deep enough down to the life changing levels – which is really what the system was designed to do..

Its tough, it requires discipline, it takes work but it does help you see whats going on and why and gives you tools to work with it..

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