Steve Gunn is Rude/Arrogant/ { insert more } etc

I’ve just been reading a fairly lengthy thread on a “spiritual” forum on how rude and arrogant I am and I would like to confirm many of the points.

1. Yes I do set myself up as an expert on things because I am ridiculously arrogant, it is not that I have done lots of work over the years thats been noticed and recognized from the results.

2. Yes I am extremely rude and don’t want to work with you as some sort of personal slur which gives me great delight… it is not that my work does not offer what you tell me you want so I politely tell you I can’t help you.

3. The fact that I publish a code of practice, an FAQ and ask you to read a document about my work so that you understand the context, is not to avoid you misunderstanding and being disappointed that I am not a mystical type psychic or fortune teller because I respect you and want you to be sure you get what you want, , its to piss you off.

4. The “objective” in objective metaphysics is not about objectivity and respecting that as the ultimate form of professionalism, its to hurt your feelings and not agree with your own ideas and to demonstrate how much I know and how much you don’t

5. I have a confidentiality agreement against either of us publishing what the other said because I have to hide my sinister secrets not because its professional and respectful and of course totally mutual and fair.

6. When I suggest doing any energy work I deliberately suggest you don’t make a choice there and then, and I tell you to look around, and to use your instincts which one to go with all as a cunning ploy to sell you only my system.

7. Even though I don’t and never have specialized in soul connections don’t let that fool you, I naturally only do that work and all the other articles and courses and services are there as a trick.

8. Even though a vast majority of people have found peace and happiness both with and without the person they are focused on via using my work, I am only there for when you want to get over someone..

9. Despite the fact that I never have and never will name call, judge or bitch about people in forums, don’t let that fool you, its all part of the cunning plan…and you calling me nasty names and implying all sorts of things from incompetence through to God knows what sort of arrogance must be true right ?

10. Despite the fact that my work receives much appreciation, it is better to focus on the few who don’t like it and suggest thats the majority.

You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to like my work, you don’t even have to agree with it.. These sort of little forum frenzies aren’t untypical and they are to be expected now and again BUT  but facts and fairness are the minimum anyone should expect – especially when you are publishing it on the web.

Glad I was able to shed light on it 😉

May you all find love, light and above all objectivity..

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  1. Well said
    Its not nice being defamed.
    Those forums often do their members more harm than good.
    The people on them often seem very stuck and are often in a victim mentality they want to vent and fantasise rather than learn and grow.
    The cliques the denial of responsibility its emotionally draining.

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