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  1. Always the best, he always sees right through to whats behind it all and shows you clearly… even if you don’t want to hear it. Sometimes I don’t want to hear it but I need to because when I’ve ignored what he says it hasn’t turned out as well.

  2. Working with Steve literally changed my life on many levels. The most satisfying one being i am now irresistible to 23 years old guys 😉

  3. I read all you articles and I got your book years ago. Had waited to call for a long time and was a bit scared being honest. I wish I had called sooner you really helped me in ways I couldn’t do myself because I couldn’t see it but I thought I was seeing it. Thank you Stephen. Helen x

  4. Steve has this knack of getting straight to the centre of the issue but this is the only way to heal. After a consultation with Steve 12 months ago i knew i would end up doing the PN course. I am now 6 months post PN and my only regret is that i didn’t do it sooner.
    Jack UK

  5. Working with Steve completely changed my life. If you are thinking of contacting Steve, pick up the phone and call. It will be the best thing you do 🙂

  6. Ok Steve I was mad at you after our first call. We spent an hour and you talked all about what was going on with my TS relationship behind the scenes, why it happened and what the lessons were and how it was affecting me and all the rest.
    It’s not what I wanted to hear, I wanted what I call a reading about my guy and his marriage and how he feels and when he’s gonna change. I’m sorry I was mad at you because I realise now you were right and I probably knew it then I just didn’t want to think about anything other than him. Its been a while now and I’m really getting ok with my journey and what you told me and what you showed me and I regret the anger but I know you understand. I needed what you told me I just didnt want it and if I had been ok with it earlier I would have been in a better place earlier. but this is how it is and I am getting to where I want to be now. Thank you Steve

  7. Wish I’d called you earlier you showed me what I hand’t been seeing yet it’s really clear after you explain it. Thank you

  8. Steve I want to say a big thank you for showing me how I saw events in a particular way but that wasn’t what was happening. Your explanations of what was going on behind the scenes with the energies the emotions the lessons and the ‘cosmic’ dynamics was like suddenly having the lights turned on when I’d been wandering around in the dark. I’d read that you could do this but I have to be honest I didn’t want to ask someone for help I wanted to see it for myself. Your explanation of how our ego processes mean that we can’t see it for ourselves made a lot of sense and I don’t feel so stupid now like I did before ! It took me over a year to call you, I’ve read everything you wrote on your site and on facebook and I see that I had just interpreted how they fit into my story in my own way and that helped add to my confusion. I also admit I was scared what you would tell me but just to see the clarity is like a weight off my shoulders. You didn’t reassure and I thank you for that but what you did show me is that the reality is always the best option and always the best way to happiness. Even if it wasn’t exactly as I thought it was, what you showed me was even better.. thank you Steve. if you are wondering if to call him, don’t wait like I did, I wish I’d called a year earlier Col x

  9. This guy is the expert on Twin souls and can unite you with the one person who can fulfill you completely and that is you. I love my connection more than ever but I don’t need him and that is a freedom I could never have imagined. It leave me free to love with no expectations. The real deal

  10. I’ve wanted to leave feedback for a long time but it seems as time has gone on Ive worked with you on and off for 3 years now. From our first session then eventually did your PN course and now you’re showing me how to use my psychic skills. Thanks Steve I appreciate all you’ve done and it’s been so much more worthwhile than all the money I spent on books and course on this and that. You have a cleat focussed way and its objective and clear and you don’t ask me to believe in you or what you show me. And that allows me to see the results for myself so theres no confusion anymore. I LOVE the objective thing, Im no even the same person anymore. Everything has changed mental body and emotions – I just seem to work better ! wasn’t sure what that objective spirituality meant at first but now I can’t imagine learning any other way. Merry Christmas and Thank you x 🙂 Claudia

  11. I waited for a long time before I called you. read everything on your websites many times and I was scared to call I suppose. Now I’m kicking myself for waiting. There is nothing to be scared of because you showed me how its my fear that’s hurting me and not anything that could happen. I am so grateful Steve THANKS XXX

  12. A lot of the 2015 feedback hasn’t been getting posted due to problems with the anti-spam filter.. The amount of feedback already here should give you an idea what to expect even if its not the most current 🙂 If you want to post feedback just email it to me and I’ll post it with just your first name thank you


  13. Was worried about what you’d tell me but after spending more money than I want to admit on fortune tellers I decided to call you. I wish it had been sooner cuz I see there’s nothing to fear. It does all fit together in the way you explain it and I do see that I have choices. I’m not powerless like i thought.

  14. When I met my soul connection a couple of years ago, I felt like I had come home. Before I had even spoken to him, I felt like I knew him. A glimpse of his smile was all it took for the recognition to be there. And the magic we created when we were together was out of this world… We didn’t need to speak, we would just sit in each other’s presence and soak up the beautiful energy between us. So when he started to run after three months, I was in shock. But he never ran for long… He became a yoyo, back and forth. Until after about six months of this torturous behaviour I realised that it wasn’t going to stop. I couldn’t live with him coming and going like that, and the ‘going’ was starting to outweigh the ‘coming’.

    During his time of running, I had searched the Internet for ‘soul mates’ and I had come across Steve’s site. I read with fascination the story of ‘Fiona and Robert’, and I was motivated by the fact that they did achieve a relationship after they had done some work. So, I thought to myself, ‘if I do some work, and there is a chance we can be together, I am in!’ At that point I contacted Steve and had a reading… He read the situation perfectly, and he explained to me what my lesson was and how I could work towards learning that lesson. He suggested I do his PN course, but told me to go away and think about it. Well, I didn’t really need to think about it. I felt like this was the only option open to me, and I started the course straight away.

    Steve is a truly gifted teacher, and while the course pushed me to my limits, he was compassionate and was very generous with his time. And he has a great sense of humour, which makes the hard work easier to endure.

    I was ready to make a change, I was ready to do the work, and if you are too, I thoroughly recommend working with Steve. After the six weeks of the course, I no longer felt that burning ‘need’ for my soul mate, I didn’t think about him every single second of the day, the pain was gone… And I was happier, more balanced, and I could deal with anything that came my way.

    An interesting thing happened while I was nearing the end of PN… My soul connection contacted me, saying he felt a lot better! And it became clear to me that by me doing the work, I helped not only myself but him as well. And that has continued in the 1.5 years since completing PN. As I have continued to go from strength to strength, he has grown too… But it wasn’t entirely smooth sailing…

    A couple of months after PN, he wanted to start seeing me again… Wow… This is what I had been wishing for for so long!! But when I met up with him, it didn’t feel right… He needed to change first… He needed to face his demons. So I said no! I told him to come back when he was REALLY ready… And after him making further promise after promise – but not delivering – I reached the point where I accepted we were not going to be together, and I was ok with that! Life was going great for me… I was happy with or without him… I loved him unconditionally at that point. So I could do what was right for me and for him, and move on. I told him to not contact me again, and I told him I loved him but accepted he had made his decision. I also told him some harsh truths… things that I would have been afraid to tell him before PN… Because I would have feared losing him. But after working with Steve and continuing the PN discipline, those fears were disappearing. But I know that by me telling him those things, it helped push him to breaking point… and he was never going to change until he reached it.

    That’s when he hit rock bottom, according to what he later told me. That’s when he realised he had to DO something. That’s when he started to change…

    Over the following months, he contacted me every couple of months to tell me how he was progressing… And each time he seemed different. He was growing, he was changing. Gone were the excuses, and in their place was ACTION. For so long he had been all talk but no action, but that had finally gone! And slowly, the energy started to change between us. Each time he contacted me, it felt easier. Gone was the push/pull energy, the craziness, and supercharged emotions. In their place was balance, peace, love and happiness.

    And in the past week we have been chatting like no time has passed… Now we have the opportunity to have a proper, balanced relationship. Because we have both done the work and found peace and happiness within ourselves, not in each other.

    Thank you Steve for helping me, because in turn you have helped us both 🙂

  15. Just so spot on with the details of whats going on and why – the bits I didn’t see ! .. Thanks Steve I can relax now and deal with things much easier.

  16. Was so worried about what you were gonna tell me but you were so relaxed and told me what I needed to know but also showed me there was nothing to fear so a BIG thank you.. You’re also very funny 😀 love the accent ! xxx

  17. Steve you helped me see what I couldn’t about what’s been going on for several years. I’m really shocked because I was so sure I understood it … but I guess you proved to me it’s really obvious when its shown to you but invisible when you think you know. Thank you I can now make changes and I feel happy that I wasn’t as trapped as I thought x 🙂

  18. It’s been a year since I completed PN. I cannot tell you how happy, alive and peaceful my life has become after PN. In the last one year there were big changes that I initiated, challenges, facing fears in my life. They taught me important lessons for my growth. I felt more powerful after PN. Each time when I had to face a challenge, fear or change with PN it was so easy to come to balance, peace and happiness. Happiness and peace become the norm instead of the something in the future that one chases or looks forward to. I enjoy so many things now. Things that used to bother me before do not bother me much, allowing me to be peaceful. There were a few times I derailed from the disciplines but they only lasted for a short while. I was trained how to get back on track.

    If you use the PN system and stick to the disciplines, just like Steve told me, it gets better and better, even after a decade. So far it’s been a year. The feelings of being alive, happiness, being empowered, power, amazing sensations I feel get better and better, stronger and stronger. To demonstrate, now if something hurts me for tears to roll down or I feel so happy that tears come to my eyes, I come to balance (peace) so quickly that the tears have not even rolled off my cheeks but I have already come to balance. Being able to come to balance with PN is that quick! I so quickly release anything that may anger or pain me that I forget that something even hurt or angered me. Anyone who wants to feel peace, happiness, feel empowered, or overcome one’s big fears that often trap us from our own happiness, please consider doing PN.

    I would particularly like to encourage those people who tripped up while doing PN and were not ready yet for PN. Keep at it and do not give up no matter HOW MANY TIMES you trip up. Trust me on this. I tried doing the PN foundation course 3 times before I completed it. And like I said, after completing PN, I derailed from its disciplines for a few short moments. If I can get up after falling down so many times and keep at it, then ANYBODY can. You can! Simply refuse to give up on yourself. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is this – being peaceful, happy and empowered. Once you complete PN and stick to it, the hard work and perseverance is nothing compared to how happy and peaceful you will feel and how well you are able to handle situations in your life no matter what they are.

    The results will blow you away and it gets better and better and better. People around you, even your pets will sense your happiness and power. I wake up every morning and LOVE how I feel no matter what’s happening in my life, whom or what I am dealing with, or how gloomy the weather is! Happiness first comes from within and PN will help you discover that. Please consider doing PN and listen to Steve.

  19. Thank you Steve for such a great reading. Thanks for opening my eyes to the fact that my ego gets in the way of my growth, and for making it clear the meaning of my soul connection. I look forward to doing your “PN” course – I think you would be a great coach. I look forward to talking to you again!

  20. After another session with Steve I’m balanced and feeling powerful. Steve is a truly generous and kind man and anyone who wants true help should contact him. I thank you Steve once again. You are such a gifted teacher! Thank god, there are people like you!! 😉

  21. Time to Cross That River

    Funny how lyrics from songs can reflect life situations to one at a particular time , and at that time you seem unable to get that song out of your mind .I have chosen the above track from my favourite band of all time Magnum ,great underrated Band .
    Songs obviously are expressions of feelings and emotions put to music , ( except For Death Metal /Rant Over) but what this track did for me was explain in simple terms that in April 2011 it was ” Time For Me To Cross That River ”
    The River I was being offered to cross was that of Healing , a connection had been brought into my life to open me up to the power of the Universe and it is Powerful believe me .Through the connection I was taught and shown so many lessons ( And Still Am) , but as I refused to accept I needed to Heal the lessons kept coming but the more I resisted the more my feelings of pain deepened .Always believing the pain was caused by loss of the connection (Heartbreak Pie) I carried on fighting with this irresistible force .
    But the pain was deep inside of me , past hurts I had buried deep , for they were too painful to explore again , but it was Time To Cross That River .

    A few years earlier I had made contact with a man , who helped to explain the craziness I was experiencing through my connection and the reasons behind the connection , but it had taken until 2011 and the track , for me to accept it wasn’t just my connection who needed to Heal , but also I had to Heal .

    The man’s name is Steve Gunn , and Steve is able to give you a accurate insight into the issues surrounding your connection .Don’t bother spending hours and hours , trawling through all the baloney about Soul Connections , like I have done , just go direct to Steve . Steve through a reading explained , clearly and without fuss , what I had to do , to get from the place I was (In Pain) to the place I wanted to be , and that place was my Happiness .

    Once again I rejected the advice and carried on believing I knew best . What I was given then was , pain like never before , like I was being torn inside out , I couldn’t eat sleep , life was suddenly this Dark Abyss and I was hanging on to something that was causing me so much pain .At what seemed to be the height of this pain I was listening to the radio and that track played , but for the first time I realised , what it was saying to me .

    Steve had offered his “PN” system in our last conversation , never pushing it upon me but offering me the option and explaining he felt it was time for me to look at healing , for in his words ” For the situation to change you will have to change ” .So I mailed Steve and was given a date to begin “PN”.

    Steve is the right man for the job , always compassionate but disciplined , ” Discipline Simon, DISCIPLINE ” the words are so true .PN is hard but through the discipline Steve instructs the techniques do truly work .In the early stages I fought it , but Steve with his discipline and wonderful sense of humour , gets the point across and you feel empowered , for me he was the ideal coach and is always there if you need him , he never gets flustered , and is calm, objective and compassionate .

    It’s over two years now since I completed the course with Steve , and I have like many fell off the horse many times .Contacting Steve in confusion , but once again his calm disciplined way just puts you back on the Horse .As he says its DISCIPLINE .
    It is hard but as he says ” Just Do It !!” and the results will astound you and Happiness will become the norm , not a faraway dream .
    If it’s time for you to cross that river , pick up the phone , email Steve , he truly is a gifted generous man and you will not look back , but look forward .

    Thank You Mr Gunn


  22. Thank you so much for your generosity. I couldn’t get a hold of your book, but the articles you published have really touched me. You present soul connections in such a full and realistic light – even if the views aren’t popular with romantic popular culture. I met a soul connection last year, and it was the most intense and bizarre experience, and it felt like a death, and it transformed me. And knowing that others have experienced something similar, and that there is a reason why, gives me clarity and peace, and faith. it’s funny, i couldn’t find this information before – i think the universe had decided that i needed to just experience this, not try to understand it – but now that i’ve come through it, i find your website and it seems to be talking straight to me. So now i understand more, and i realise that understanding it mentally isn’t the point at all, which is how your articles have helped me – to let go. Thank you – you do really good work. And i can see how it’s a hard job to NOT offer people the reassurance they want and the easy way out. We all want to avoid going through the fire!

  23. In the early 2000s I initiated into a Western Esoteric system with a very powerful spiritual technology that began to change my life in a major way. But even with the early changes behind me, the system began to shine a light on the ugly shadows that were caused by a great deal of emotional wounding. While a fully functioning temple might have been able to guide me through the difficulty, I was working on my own and after years of increasingly unpleasant situations, the path led to meeting my soul connection. I had thought that I knew pain and suffering before because I had gone through many bad situations, but I was not prepared in any way for the suffering the pain of the connection caused, in fact I think only people who undergo spiritual crises can usually understand how agonizing it is to meet your connection and have them push you away.

    While the experience led not only to a very numinous initiation in my tradition but the beginning of an art career, I found that over time I could not process the pain. I’d go home every single day and the freshness of being pushed away never died and the pain never lessened. It got to the point where I began to truly fear every single attack of grief and I started to feel like I was going to slip into madness unless I did something about it. So I began researching and ran into the soul mate and twin flame paradigm. Having worked in a practical esoteric system (one whose rituals and meditations actually have instructions), I found 99% or more of what I read to be new age nonsense of the worst sort, yet at the same time I started seeing some similarities to what I was going through. I went through sites channeling Archangel Michael and others that broke down connections into arbitrary categories and then, like I’m sure anyone researching the phenomenon, I came across Steve Gunn. Finally, I thought, soul mates without the fluff and nonsense. I began reading through his articles and the thing that drew my attention had nothing to do with whether I had a connection or not, but that Steve claimed he could help me manage the connection and in particular deal with the pain. At this point I didn’t care about anyone else, I was just tired of endless misery.

    Steve has articles on his site about why people don’t like him, but I liked him off the bat. Good spiritual teachers don’t pat you on the head and tell you you’re OK, they challenge you and push you forward, and the last thing I wanted was some dreamy psychic telling me how wonderful my soul connection was and then doing nothing about it. Unlike a reading with what Steve would describe as a ‘fortune teller’ that focuses on external events on which I have no control….Steve’s initial reading focused on what had happened to me, why and what I was to learn from it so that I can take part in my future not sit waiting for it.. and that led into him teaching me techniques how to achieve that.

    I don’t know what it’s like for everyone but what Steve taught me worked so fast that I’m still wonderfully bewildered. I went from crying in a fetal position every day to almost no emotional pain in about 2-3 months on techniques that are so simple and effective they almost make a mockery of some of the old technology. Of course my spiritual tradition taught me the idea that if something isn’t working you need to change something and so for me the effectiveness of something is all the proof I need. The irony of all of this is that I felt like I had my depression cured in several months without the use of drugs or analysis or therapy and yet most of the people I know wouldn’t believe me. And it’s not just that you were in a bad state and then you’re OK, the techniques Steve teaches improve your life if you stick with them and every single “unfolding” feels like you just went up a level.

    I’ve gone from pure agony from missing my soul connection to being completely OK with where I’m at. I now have opportunities all the time to teach and help people who are in remarkably similar situations. I don’t need validation anymore, even from my teachers in my spiritual tradition. And best of all there’s a tranquility starting to spread that is making me wonder if I’d go through it all again just to get here.

    The only thing I worry about with Steve is how often people come up to him and give him sloppy, weepy hugs in appreciation for what he does, so he’s probably lucky he lives on the opposite coast from me. I got my life back and I am so excited about my future that I’m honestly finding it hard to keep up with all the new developments. Most people who go home from the usual psychic will always churn over in their mind whether or not what they say is true, but my happy glow now and the memory of two years of living hell behind me mean I don’t ever have to think about it again. I can just be.

  24. I have just finished the PN course and what I experience is overwhelming!
    The feelings are all inside of me and thanks to Steve and the techniques I now feel them and experience them in such a new different way. I feel strong, awake and aware.

    I never realized how powerful I am and that it’s all in my hands!

    Thank you

  25. Hi Steve,
    I emailed you back in 2010. I just wanted to thank you, you helped me then immediately by pointing me to help myself and asking for nothing, you just wanted to guide. That gave me some solid ground I needed at the time, in one simple email, and I wanted to say thank you.
    Thank you for doing what you are doing. I hope other people that get hit are also as successful at navigating through the process of understanding, the pain of letting go and then continuing on. And can come to understand what they have been given.

  26. Hi Just would like to say i really like your website its amazing thanks to your wife to suggested to have a look so much in great detail. keep in touch kept you in our fave list be in touch soon. well done 🙂

  27. What Steve offers is priceless. We live in a world that can be very confusing to navigate. It is hard to find people you can trust. It is hard to find help that is truly helpful. Steve is someone you can trust and what Steve offers works. Thank you Steve for the work that you do.

  28. Steve I came to you wanting some answers and at first I admit I was annoyed at you for not answering them.. but I am glad I carried on listening because you showed me I had been asking the wrong questions all the time.

    I thought I knew about my situation but you really shocked me and showed me something else. I was so sure I knew what it was all about but i was wrong. No wonder I couldn’t find the answers wow !.

    Steve thank you. Some of my friends do the same as me they think they can see what’s happening and they’re looking at things the wrong way. I appreciate you showing me and I feel a bit guilty about being mad at you at first but I’m happy I stayed and listened.. Thanks Steve 🙂

  29. What Steve says about the popular culture of the law of attraction and other universal laws, reminds me of diets. New faddy diets are always emerging, books are written about these new diets and people are buying them all up as quickly as possible, forgetting all the time that we ALL know that for optimum health we should be eating a balanced diet of natural foods. It is also not long before the newest diet is old news and there is a newer one replacing that. It would be funny if there weren’t so many people’s hopes pinned on better health/weight loss purported by the newest diet craze. Just a little similarity I noticed with what Steve has written. I love the way Steve’s work cuts through the fluff!

  30. Dear Steve,
    I read through some of the info on your site the other day (2 days ago) and by that evening felt liberated to be a bit more normal with my mate…even rude and argumentative..I think he liked it. By the time I had finished reading Soul Connections (last night) I was really ready to move forward…I think, believe you are the most authentic person I have read on this subject. I have a feeling my other may have already contacted you but we will see.
    lots of love to you and yours

  31. I have just completed the Ptsen Nuh Course ( and I also had some basic sessions before this).
    They have had an incredible impact on how I feel and have changed my life, soooo much for the better. I feel calmer, happier, stronger,less stressed, less tense and more at peace than ever.

    These techniques empower YOU and enable you to experience life as it should be experienced. Just to BE yourself, who you truly are, the way we are meant to be.
    These techniques are powerful and life changing.

    I recommend everyone to give these techniques a try, you will not regret it. They are massively effective. You wont know what I mean until you have tried them yourself.

    Steve is an excellent person to work with, he has absolutely the right balance between being supportive,caring,honest and pushy (only where necessary!) and is a very amusing bloke.
    Everything a tutor needs to be.

    Thank you Steve for developing these techniques and PN, I dont know where I would be without them. They are fantastic.
    Thanks for giving me my life back.
    Always grateful.


  32. Wasn’t sure I should call you because I’ve read the book and I was very sure of my situation. Wow how wrong I was, you made me see it from outside the box. For 2 years I’ve been on the wrong track. Thank you Steve I wish I had called you a long time ago.

  33. I found Steve’s work searching google about soul age and found his article ‘Are you an old soul’. I know that Steve is quite well known for his work on Soul connections but that’s not why i called him and I have to tell you that is just a part of his work and he really does seem to know his stuff about the whole metaphysical thing and there hasn’t been anything he hasn’t been able to read for me whatever I wanted to know. his approach is so down to earth and real and practical and it works. I really like that, I really like that its not all mystical and he makes it real and is very happy to demonstrate what he tells you. I’ve been working with him on and off for a couple of years now, not all the time but in different things I’ve needed along the way and I am a totally different person to who I was before. He’s always given me the right guidance and the right tools at each stage and I am so happy and so shocked and surprised at how I’ve changed. The energy work is magical it really will change you at a level that’s hard to even describe. Thanks Steve

  34. Steve’s reading ability is amazing. He gets right to the point, total honest truth, no bs! He was spot on with all that took place and how it would happen, but he also explained what actions I needed to take to allow it to happen, and how I could derail it if i wasn’t careful..- I highly recommend him. Not only is he extremely gifted and incredibly kind, but a pleasure to work with to boot!!! You won’t regret giving him a call. He’s worth every penny and does wonderful work. Thank you Steve! I’m forever grateful I called you!

  35. Dear Mr. Steve
    I just want to share my feelings with you, I guess as you probley know I am currently in a soul mate connection but I am married to a woman that had a major stroke March 5 2006 and I am taking care of her and I am going to until the doctor tells me that I can not do it by myself anymore. I know that I am in this connection but the other woman is the runner and it is so hard for me, and either she does not know or she just does not care, I wish there was something that would make her realize what she is doing because sometimes I feel that when she is ready to be with me I might not want her anymore because of how bad she hurts me.
    I really want to thank you for publishing ” When Two Souls Connect ” it really has helped me but I wish I could make her read it and just so you know her name just so happens to be Susan. THANK YOU

  36. You were right. After calling you just over 2 years ago I hadn’t wanted to accept what you told me even though it wasn’t anything bad, it just wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I went mad on the online sites and clung onto those readings for a couple of years but after riding that roller coaster I came back to what you told me at the beginning. I didn’t want to believe it at the time but now that I accept it its nowhere near as bad as I had feared. It was fear kept me making those calls and all I did was waste so much money.. Thank you for refusing to tell me what I wanted to hear and thank you for guiding me to show me that the truth couldn’t hurt me it was my fear hurting me. I have learned so much and spent so much just to come back around to what you told me 2 years ago. And I paid you less than any of the people who fed me what I wanted or just gave their opinion of my situation. It sure has been a lesson. Thank you for your Psychic-guidance code of practice I see its so important and i see why you have it. The truth has finally set me free and saved my credit card too.

  37. Steve your reading was right in everything that came up in the reading I did with you back in the summer of last year. I got to tell you I wasnt sure at the time but now it has all worked out like you said and the person we talked about admitted all the things you said she would. I am impressed my friend, thank you Steve

  38. I would like to sum up my experience so far of working with Steve, and as I write this I hope I can fully explain and express how much this man has done for me and what a difference he has made to my situation and my life in general.

    I read Steve’s wonderful book ‘When two souls connect’ and it really resonated with me and made sense of the soul connection situation I was in. At that time my life was just pain and confusion and an emotional rollercoaster, as many of you will already know or are experiencing. It was just basically…awful!
    Before reading the book I did what many of us have done which is to search for answers via the internet and readings to try and make sense of this extraordinary and unusual situation we often find ourselves in, only to create more confusion,upset and more questions!
    Fortuntely I was led in the direction of Steve’s book and from there things changed massively.

    If you are in a soul connection or think you are, I strongly recommend you read this book. It explains everything and does it in such a simplified, down to earth,real manner..
    The book helped me so much that I decided to book a reading with Steve to help me understand my specific situation, as I have now learned that everyones situation is quite different and it really is essential to get a reading done to understand the entire nature of the whole thing as that is unique to you and your partner.

    Steve is a wonderful, gifted and intelligent man who gave me full insight into my situation, the karma involved and what i needed to do and he also made sense of what had happened to me over the last three years. This understanding was priceless to me and laid to rest many of the questions I had over why my soul mate had run away, what i needed to do to make myself happier and the process and progress that needs to happen.
    I was so impressed, grateful and changed by the reading that I decided to further work with Steve and since then he has taught me so much about the truth of spirituality and metaphysics, changed how I view human nature and most importantly taught me fantastic powerful techniques on how to ground and protect my energy. He is also currently teaching me how to learn to access the spiritual gifts that until now, I didnt know were there! He has in essence, changed my life for the better.

    What I like about Steve is that he is a very witty,down to earth, no-nonsense kind of man. I strongly recommened him to anyone who is looking for answers on their life path. Not just in soul connections but in other situations too where people need insight or feel they have lost their way. if you are also looking to discover your own gifts and seek training, I certainly recommend him in this area also as he has helped me incredibly and I learn a huge amount from each session that we have and always look forward to the next.

    So basically if youre looking for answers, training or techniques or energy courses…look no further I would say!
    Many thanks to you always Steve. ‘

  39. Thank you Steven.

    Most people think they can choose what disciplines to use and that if they believe in them or not affects the outcome, or that there aren’t any disciplines that work for all people alike. Truly they eventually discover that the ones that really work can be counted on the fingers of one foot.

    The idea of being able to choose and believe, and like or dislike ( or not ) or to consider there’s something that’s “right for them” but wouldn’t be for someone else is about ego control and that is the barrier to healing.

    This idea that one thing works for all ( as PN and my other techniques continue to demonstrate ) is sometimes scary because it means no control and no personalization but to surrender. You surrendered and you reap the benefits. Steve

  40. OMG I used the energy tools you taught me and I can’t believe how much better I feel. Why didn’t I know about this stuff, why don’t we know about this stuff, why don’t the books mention it, how come it took me so long to find this out ?

  41. Hi Celia,

    I couldn’t agree more and you’re right he’s honest and objective and will distill right to the core of the matters and give you all the information that you need. If people don’t want that they should not call him.

    He’s never been judgmental or cruel or pushed his opinions onto me he’s just given me the information and always offered ways to make things better. That ability to see through to the core with great clarity and to show me how to work with it, is what I value more than anything. And its given me the power to change everything !

    Laura C – Spain

  42. I read on the web that you could be tough and I was worried about that but since having worked with you I realize you are not tough you are very kind and compassionate. You showed me the things in me that self defeat and I needed to see that. I hope people can see that’s not judgment on your part, it’s helping us become empowered which is what you say on your website you will do.

    I’m so glad you didn’t feed those things just to make me feel better, that’s helped me more than you can know and now I can really see the way forward without fear thank you so much your work is excellent.

    Celia x

  43. I’m glad to have consulted with you. You hit the nail on the head; you were incredible. You ‘read’ him, me, and our situation as if you’ve been watching us from above. What great gift you have to be able to help people this way. Really.. I can sleep better now that I know that I have not been disillusioned. You have confirmed everything I knew to be true inside. It’s empowering..

    Thank you for doing what you’re doing. More power to you. God bless.


  44. I want to start off by saying that I haven’t ever left feedback for anyone before for anything but I felt compelled because I truly believe in Steve …

    It has been exactly a year since I first spoke with Steve and since then I’ve weathered the storm and now I’m the calm after the storm…He has taught me what I think to be the greatest disciplines of all time…PN….and I’m a completely different person, inside and out.

    I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Steve and all that he has to offer this society we live in today. I think his teachings could be taught in schools as a singular subject, they are so crucial for us as humans to live in this world and interact with it.

    Steve is the most honest, compassionate and sincere person I have ever come to know in my life. I’m grateful to God to know him. His gift for reading energies and situations is nothing like anything I have ever come across, and I have had my fair share of “psychic” readings. He helps in a holistic way, not just a reading, but helping us to be complete. His insights are always accurate, he really hits the nail on the head each time. I love how he doesn’t go into long generalizations, he gets right into the core of what is actually going on and explains why and how to change it. I wish I could get everyone I know to call him and begin their journey to happiness…. 🙂 Cheers!

  45. Steve was great he really helped me out because everything was very complicated without his help I would have been an emtional mess.Everything he said was correct and he narrows down on your situation without yu saying a word. Steves great:) hit him up with a call asap

  46. Steve I read every article and book i could get my hands on before I called you and speaking truthfully I just wanted you to validate what I was sure I already knew. But you didn’t and I didn’t like that at all it messed with the peace I’d found and that made me upset and mad. But really you had got it right and i couldn’t be too angry because you were right on and I felt that.

    As i let go of what i’d been telling myself i felt a relief even though at first it was not what i wanted to hear. That peace felt right and as time went by I realized the truth really does set you free.

    Now I face the truth and its helped me so much thank you for shining a light that I really needed and showing me something I was too close to to see impartially.I see that all the books and articles had just made me even more confused so now I dont use them, I feel the truth and it feels right. Thanks Steve !!!

  47. Hey Keith, I truly have no idea why they keep teaching this stuff but they do – its so embedded i think its just old things die hard. I was taught it many years ago. You;ll find very few people who get a lot of benefit from it but most of us want to believe we do..

    I developed the ones i taught you which are based upon entirely different principles and thats why they are powerful.

  48. Steve I used the two disciplines you taught me in the basic energy session and they work real well so much I feel better than in a long time I’m not the emotional wreck anymore.

    Can you tell me why the ones i was taught and was using for years before didn’t work ? These were 1 grounding thro visualizing energy down from the feet into the ground and 2 using a ball of light around me to protect my energy.
    They really didn’t do anything like your techniques do which are so much more powerful but i know a lot of people were taught these same ones instead of ones like yours why is this ?
    Tx Keith

  49. I had the most powerful reading with Steve this evening and I enjoyed every minute of it, i have had so many readings that I am ashamed, but the reading with Steve has helped me understand what is going on with me at this time in my life.For the first time in along time I feel that I can over come this issue, and that I alone do have the power to do so.
    Thank you so very much

  50. Steve I agree with Mandy, you made me see something I just hadn’t seen even tho i spent stupid money on psychics and got so many answers i just flopped from misery to hope and back again.

    You read right into the very heart of my situation and I felt that, i sensed it at a deep level and it spoke to me, i felt the peace that came with it and it seems so clear.

    Am just so happy that I can now see what’s happening and why and that I can change it. I don’t have to rely on readings of this outcome and that outcome any more YAY I feel so much better, there is hope now thank you so much Steve

  51. I thought I knew what to expect but what a surprise !!!

    Steve read what was going on in my situation ( which is very complex ) and explained how i was looking at things the wrong way. At first that didn’t feel right and I wanted to stick to my questions but the more he went into it and explained the more I realized I just hadn’t seen it properly before – my emotions had clouded my judgment.

    Suddenly it all made sense to me and I feel so much better.
    Knowing I know I have some control on the outcome is such a relief because I had just felt so trapped by all.

    Steve thank you for a wonderful reading.

    Mandy from CA.

  52. Steve you were right on thank you for making me understand something that I never thought I would or could. You see it all so thoroughly its like you were there or you know the people. I really appreciate my reading thank you my friend.

  53. Your reading was amazingly accurate, which is just what my friend told me it would be. Thank you so very much

  54. My work with you has been exciting, enjoyable, hard, and sometimes frustrating. I came into the process with a goal of removing any blocks to my moving forward in life. I was willing to do whatever necessary. I did not realize that my world would be rocked; that my belief system would be challenged and completely turned upside down.

    I had been involved with a man for the past 7 years. Even though we had known each other for years the only clue to something more than just friends was that we could talk for hours and time would stand still. When we finally consummated our relationship it was electrifying. Of course, I wanted to continue the relationship even more so but he ran like his head was on fire. LOL ( I can laugh now). Our relationship has been that way for 7 years—our coming together and his running away. I recently had a birthday and realized that I was tired of putting my life on hold and wasting time. Someone sent me your article on Soulmates, and I read about “the runner”. I knew then I needed to work with you to move forward past the “hold” I felt he had over me.

    With the unblocking of my energy flow I have saved thousands of dollars since I am no longer calling my cadre of psychics. I cannot believe how much money I was spending during the last few years!!!!! Out of fear of what was or was not happening with this man, I was spending money for hope, assurance, and predictions. Since working with you I have no need or desire to obtain psychic readings. Instead I have been able to face whatever comes my way and handle as necessary. I have released the emotions that were feeding the fear….I am attracting more men than ever. I am moving forward with plans–doors of opportunities are opening!

    Thank you Steve for bringing forth this process!

  55. Thanks again, Steve. Your reading the other week was great, as was the one before that. I’ve been practicing the techniques we talked about and feel a difference already.
    I’ll be in touch in the future!!

    All the best,

  56. Thank you again for giving me the tools to change, it’s incredible. The difference in me and my life is remarkable!

  57. I have no idea how or why PN works, and that is a huge part of it, leave the ideas at the door, and accept that it does work. If you are wondering if it is for you, it is, if you are ready to make some fundamental change to how you live your life. I started PN a year ago and in that time I have left the very deep hole I had been stuck in for years. I had looked for answers in mountains of books and tried various meditations . THIS IS COMPLETELY different. DO NOT compare it to anything else you have ever tried before. Yes, it takes discipline, yet ironically it is uncomplicated and not difficult to follow… and if you put in the effort the results are profound and permanent. It clears away old junk buried deep, you don’t analyze it, in the same way you don’t go through your full vacuum cleaner bag. And that is liberation at it’s finest. It also gives you the tools to balance your own energies. This is powerful. The transformation has sent me down a path that has given me my life back. I am no longer triggered by old wounds, I feel I can cope with everything life throws at me and live in the moment. Steve takes no crap, that is all a necessary part of it, but trust me when you come out the other side you will realize what a compassionate, gifted teacher he is and that he has devised something truly remarkable. I feel I am very lucky to have stumbled across PN and I hope it spreads like wild fire because it can , without a doubt, help a lot of people enjoy life to the full.

  58. I had another great reading with Steve. He gave me an even deeper understanding of my situation. I feel so much more relaxed and confident aftert talking to him. Without him I’d really be in bad shape and totally clueless about my life. Thanks again, Steve!

  59. I had a wonderful time talking to Steve. He is so very nice and can zero in on your situation and give you clarity and confidence and perspective. He made me feel relieved that my intuition was correct. And he gives definite steps to take in order to approach the particular situation. I felt very comfortable with him and what he says rings true. I recommend him highly and plan to contact him again soon for further help in other areas.

  60. want to personally thank you for the Guidance Reading that you gave me today. I have been on cloud nine since speaking with you. You have given me a clearer understanding of what was happening to me. For the last two days I had been an emotional rollercoster, or wreck I shouldsay! I was unable to eat or sleep and felt a tremendous amount of pain and anxiety and depression. As I told you it happened all of a sudden and seemed to happen overnight I was drenched with fear. My instincts was telling me that it wasn’t my own, but my head was telling me that it was. I literally thought I needed to be hospitalized. I’m amazed that those feelings felt so real and that they were actually my soul connections feelings! I can’t imagine living like that on a daily basis as he does. When I’m around
    him he seems so at peace and full of joy and light, andI have this overwhelming urge to want to “fix” all of his problems and fly away with him beyond the clouds(weird I know).

    The feelings came back slightly while I was napping today, but I felt them creeping up on me and managed to get up and they disappeared. I’m going to do as you say and try not to give him any of my energy. I will say I had spent countless amounts of money calling “fortune tellers” and
    “life-coaches” who have all told me it was in my head and to “cut” the chords believe me I’ve envisioned every bubbleand chord to cut and it didn’t work! You told me the truth, that it can’t be cut! and it’s not a chord. I spoke with 2 readers a few months ago who told me he was soul-connection, and I didn’t want to believe it, I had this fantasy of “happiness and bliss” when it came to soul connections, and boy was I wrong!

    Thanks Again and the cost for peace of mind is priceless

  61. Steve,

    I would like to thank you for your unbiased guidance and thoughtful feedback during my consultation. I am taking your experience and wisdom and trying to get through my soulmate connection. Your articles are helpful and well written.

    PS: I would recommend anyone who is experiencing “soul shock” or the “dance” to read Steve’s Blog and book and you will be amazed at how thorough he really is!

  62. Hi Steve. Thank you so much for your insight and honesty. It has helped me to say on the path, and your articles resonated with me. Looking back to where I was, and where I am now, in spite of the gut wrenching pain I experienced I do not regret any of the experiences I am going through. I know now that no matter what has happened in my life, and will happen, I have always “believed” and I will always do so.

  63. Hi Steve, Thank you so much for doing my reading at short notice, when i needed to understand what the energies, where doing. Thank you for pointing out what I needed to do on my journey…Speak to you soon xxx

  64. Thank you for creating this website, and thank you for writing the articles. Your writing has been helping me and giving me further insight into things about which I’m curious. I found your website after visiting a psychic who recommended that I journey even deeper into myself, and my body. It is a goal of mine to engage in “a deeper journey into inner self and understanding our energies in a more detailed sense….” 🙂

  65. Steve has given me the tools I needed to find so much happiness and peace within myself – stuff I’ve never felt before, it is such a blessing to have had his help over the last 4 months, I would hate to think where I’d be without his guidance! Thank you Steve! There are no words I can think of to aptly describe how grateful I am. I highly recommend giving him a call:)

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