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    Part 1. Brief biog – from an Interview with Laura Crush

Born in Coventry England in 1956, Steve’s career spanned some 20 years in the UK television production industry which he describes as his ‘first love’.

Despite a high profile and much success he eventually made a radical change to the field of metaphysics, something he explains as being “inevitable at some stage in my life” This he attributes to having been aware of inherited psychic abilities since a young age, combined with an insatiable fascination for the workings of the universe and the human experience.

In a UK press article on why he gave up a 20 year lucrative career he said; “when the call comes you just have to follow”, additionally siting his inability to continue in the media field as “being due to a debilitating personal affliction….integrity”

Now living in Florida, he’s been busy since his change of career and has developed in his field to be a Master Psychic, Reiki Master, devised two of his own brands of energy works (i)Life Energy mapping and recently a new self help method Ptsen-Nuh.

He quotes his personal mission as “making metaphysics accessible and real and demonstrating that the universe has method and reason for even the most bizarre events in our lives” Notably he stays well away from many of the ‘traditional’ spiritual community who he describes as “too mystical and inaccessible”, preferring to write and teach spiritual practices in a very grounded and accessible way.

His book on soulmates “When Two Souls Connect” published by Publish America has won much applause as a definitive work on the soulmate experience; he has deised a self help energy healing method called Ptsen-Nuh which is is fast receiving a lot of attention from its successful results and he is currently planning a new book called “Life – the missing instruction book ( update 2010, I was planning it to be called that until someone else took the title – next time i wont be so keen to reveal my titles beforehand )

    Part 2. A little bit about psychics, metaphysics and how i came to be involved

Being what’s commonly described as “psychic” is a double edged sword. If ever in the vicinity when someone says “oh he’s psychic” you’ll usually notice me flinch, while I wait to see which way people react..

One option is an assumption that I’m someone who likes the idea of being part of the ‘mystic’ or ‘spiritual’ community and I have aspirations to be different, to set myself apart – more than a mere mortal or at least trying to be.

That’s the one makes me cringe…

But you’ll find many who use the “psychic” title as a lifestyle, and dress code approach as validation of themselves – their aspiration to perpetuate a mystical aura.. These are the ones surrounded by the trappings of spirituality, the compulsory crystals and purple and books on every metaphysical subject. The people who assign themselves titles like “mystical” or “Goddess” or make ludicrous claims.

Now good luck to them, I don’t have any competitive instinct or wish these types of people any ill will, however, this somewhat inaccessible ‘magical – mystical, other worldly’ veneer that this section of the spiritual community projects is really the direct opposite of everything I believe is right or appropriate.

I see it as a residual of the medicine show aspect of spirituality. And I believe it’s lead to many peoples detachment, disappointment and disbelief about psychics- and particularly of their own ability to connect to the universe without accessing one of these ‘charmed’ individuals..

My own introduction to the world of other senses started early and gradually grew throughout my life but was never, as far as I intended, something that I wanted to, or intended to use on a full time basis. Television production was my career and over a number of years I had enjoyed success gradually rising to the level of senior executive in a number of prominent companies.

The career paid amazingly well and allowed me to have sports cars and travel the world and even to get my helicopter pilots license. But there was always something missing and not quite fulfilling even with all the success. But like many do, I pressed on with the career path and really didn’t see the signs that my true destiny was somewhere else.

Every psychic I’d ever met or consulted ( even though it wasn’t that many ) had said that one day I’d do the same work, and I laughed at all of them at the time.

But the universe had other ideas…….

Some years before I’d met an amazing man who had been an engineer all his life and loved the profession. His story is that one day some very strange events began happening and continued until he couldn’t work anymore. These events included apparitions, things moving around on their own, profound psychic visions and other things.

Eventually this had led to a nervous breakdown, after which he decided that the universe wanted him to use this new found ability so reluctantly he began on that path and later came to realize that it was what he was meant to do.

Around 10 years after meeting him I found myself in a very similar situation.

It got crazy. Apparitions, things levitating, wild incoming psychic messages and visions. And just like the guy who had wanted to stay an engineer, I was looking at all of this and deciding I’d finally flipped over the edge.

Eventually, like him, I decided that I didn’t have much choice but to follow the path and that I did. To say it’s a calling is certainly true. The total need to understand what’s happened and why is astonishing as the experiences were beyond anything previously imaginable.

At that point you realize how people could, and frequently do, have nervous breakdowns when going through such amazing experiences.

So if I was going to go into this, and it seems I didn’t have much choice, there would be no purple robes and trappings for me. Like my friend the engineer I wanted facts and things that would stand up.

So years of work, study, meditation, and consultations followed. I made it my mission to find out everything I could and I traveled far and wide to do so. Anything that was too ‘mystical’ and intangible and couldn’t be defined I rejected…

You meet some great people on a journey like that but you also realize that some of them intend good but their work is counter productive because their good intentions cloud whatever abilities they may have and they tend to tell people only nice things….And when dealing with something as important as people’s lives, I believe that’s a very dangerous place to be coming from..

Likewise there are the ones who have always wanted to be a psychic or healer and have launched on their career with the grand titles and trappings of their art but actually have limited success due to being more interested in living it than continuing to study and develop their skills.

One of the few times I ended up at the local Spiritualist Church, I was put in a circle with some other people where we practiced our reading skills. This was early on in my development and I was still pretty unaware what the extent of my new found abilities were and had gone there to see if these nice people could help me untangle the craziness that become my new existence.

Everyone read someone else in the group… After we finished and had gone to get coffee a guy came up and slapped me on the back and said “how did you manage to read like that ? I’ve been coming here for 20 years to learn to do what you just did ?” I looked at him sort of astonished and without thinking asked him if he was insane…..WHY would anyone choose to go through this insane stuff that had happened and lose everything they ever knew to be pushed down what was at the time a blind alley with no lights. ??

Strangely enough we didn’t discuss much after that. But I guess he was one of those who thought that psychic abilities are an “add-on” to normal life rather than a total and profound change of existence, with many great personal costs and sacrifices..

But fortunately on my journey I also met some really amazing people who had been through awakening and had come to terms with their abilities and were doing incredible work. They’d committed and learned and studied and quietly mastered their craft and were out there making a difference in people’s lives. Not with grand titles or yards of crystals strung around their necks but quietly working and achieving amazing things.

From these people and my own studies I learned that we are all constantly learning and that we have a responsibility for our gift, to use it wisely, and to continually develop it to the best it can be.

I believe the work we do requires a code of practice, a dedication and commitment to remaining detached and true. Being too caring means you become too close to the problem and therefore can’t read with total objectivity. . Believing ones own press also leads to opinion clouding ability. It makes me cringe when I hear of people having readings where the reader says “lose him he’s no good for you”. That’s not a psychic reading that’s a judgment. In a case where someone is seen to be going down the wrong path I believe its vital to point out the pitfalls and advise the client of the issues and problems but never to judge, that’s the prerogative of the client to make their own decisions.

My own code of practice, and the one I teach when I’m working with people with developing abilities, is to remain outside of thought, opinion or belief. To be like the forensic scientist, detached and observational, working only on the information what’s coming in and that can be checked by several techniques and works within the known framework of the laws of metaphysics.

Any good reader can see what’s ahead but and some are tempted, lured in, by questions like “will he call on Thursday ?”, Spirit and destiny don’t sweat the small stuff like that and often we won’t get a definite answer on something so small and not significant on the big path of your life story, especially when it’s his free will to decide when to call.

What’s important and what’s communicated to us is the story, the big picture, the context, the challenges and the opportunities. Not if your gonna buy a red car or a blue one. You destiny is controlled but not that tightly. So when using a good reader remember the emphasis is on what’s happening, what’s going to happen and it being right !

From my own perspective looking back after years of learning and practice and mastering every possible discipline I could, from many different types of psychic ability, through healing and mediumship and energy work – I realize that the secrets of the universe are so close it’s utterly ludicrous that we can’t see them. That’s its through mankind’s development of the intellect and the illusion that this intellect makes us somehow separate from the universe that we can’t see what’s staring us in the face.

So my work has been very much in the line of a poor man’s Steve Hawking, studying the patterns and nature of the universe in both the physical and metaphysical. Yes I talk to spirits and I can see things that I couldn’t possibly know with the usual 5 senses but the more they develop and the more I experience – the more I see that there’s order and purpose and meaning in a universe that we often consider to be random.

So the personal mission for me is to use the abilities I’ve been give to try to communicate, to explain, and to demonstrate the order, laws, cycles and connectedness of the entirety of all things and why and how people find themselves at a certain place, point in time and in a situation that’s caused them to call me.

As the antithesis of the ‘medicine show’ spirituality, an important part of any reading, spiritual counseling, teaching, energy work or any other of the disciplines i practice, I seek to communicate and demonstrate that we can all get closer to our destiny through an inner journey. I make it a priority to demystify and make understandable as much as I can about this process.

So I guess the purpose of this little ramble is to explain that in this profession often generically called being “psychic” there are many different disciplines, many different abilities, many different types of reading, teaching energy work, many different reasons for being here, and many different ways to approach it.

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