Spirituality When I Have The Time

Some common Q& A about Objective Metaphysics

Q1. “This energy and spiritual stuff is ok but I have to live in the real world and be with a family, work and do practical things”

A. How well you do all of those things is dependent on your energy or chi, which, if flowing, you will feel well, happy, balanced and able to cope.. if not, you won’t be very effective at any of those tasks.. there is NOTHING more real world than your energy life..

Q2. “I don’t have time to do any of this”

A. As soon as your spirituality becomes a task that needs a specific time, give up.. The real stuff is about how we live every second of every day, not a bunch of stuff you do in the evenings perched on a cushion in your bedroom ( although there’s plenty of that stuff about )

Q3. “I think I’ll do some when I’m calmer, I have so much on and I’m quite stressed right now”

A. The PERFECT time to learn it is when you’re stressed because many of the energies we seek to dislodge and release are the ones coming to the surface due to the stress, so they are closer to being released once you learn how..And you are less likely to fight the disciplines.. Give me someone in a total mess every time, we get results much quicker..

Q4. “What if I don’t understand my life lessons”

A. Life lessons are not concepts, they are tasks to achieve.. the knowing part is 1% the achieving is 99%.

Q5. ” I don’t want to not feel anything anymore”

A. It’s the opposite You will feel everything, even more, the difference is you won’t struggle with it, it will flow so easily…

Q6. “What if I don’t believe in it ?”

A. Only humans care about belief, the universe doesn’t and her processes are the same for everyone.. If I hit a believer and a non believer with a 2 x 4 they both hurt.. believe me they do

Q7. “I’m scared I won’t get it, that I’m not smart enough or a fast learner”

A. There’s no mental learning whatsoever !!! – these are skills.. just like learning to walk. Both Einstein and the dumbest person on the planet learned to walk…

Q8. “I’m scared it won’t work for me”

A. So is everyone, if you weren’t then I’d be worried about you…

Q9. “I’m scared of failing”

A. Excellent, so are most people and that is one of the issues we will specifically deal with because its what blocks people from experiencing life..

Q10. “How long does all this take ?”

A. How long does physical health and fitness take ? It’s not about a time, ts about gradually learning to walk a different path and acquire skills to continue to walk that path forever…

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