Spirituality As A Drug – Chasing the Rainbow

Clouded Light

The spiritual path is a path to oneness, a simple state of balance and harmony, acceptance and flow, it has no extremes of high and low but instead being in the moment.. It is simple, beautiful and peaceful..

However when we are very energetically out of balance, we can experience two extremes, one depressed, and one elated..

Some mystical practices idealize the elated state as the desired outcome and cause people to chase that or at least try to.. It feels elated, it feels “connected” and its quite trippy ….and is often what some people mean when they say they feel the universal “love”.. And its not unlike a drug high in that sense because the chi is pushing the brain to be chemically way out of balance… But like any imbalanced state it can’t be maintained, and just like any pendulum it will swing the other way in time and push you right back down into the opposite state of depression…

The varying degrees of polarization of your energy will swing your body chemistry correspondingly and mess up your cognitive processes.. Idealization, polarization of things and people ( seeing extremes of good and evil and not much in between ), obsessive compulsive behavior, random emotional attachment and an often obsessive attachment to icons and images follows.

Along with this some relationships become submissive and some dominant, while personal boundaries are not consistent. As in the depressed state, the ego does not seek balance but attachment to things other than self as the remedy to life’s problems. Some person, icon, belief, spirit or idealization becomes the search.. A lot of reading, quotes, concepts and attachments to try to keep the high but avoid the low follow on…

Its a very busy way to be, its hard work, the highs high and the lows low and not much in life flows when we’re like this. Often the attachment to the high is due to internal issues of lack of fulfillment at some level and so the behaviors are very like someone with a chemical addiction..

There is a wealth of mysticism and iconography and material out there just like there’s a lot of alcohol and drugs out there to help feel the state and the chase to keep the high and avoid the lows..

Not all of course, but a lot… It is in the nature of becoming disconnected from our inner core due to the trials and tribulations of life that we can get to experience being like this.. And because there is so much around to feed it , and so much of that is woven onto society, just like being addicted to substances, we often can’t do it alone.

The spiritual disciplines are designed to work on that journey to inner contentedness and get away from the pogo of highs and lows and the incredibly hard work of having to read so much and attach to so many things to chase the rainbow.. What comes from that is that the power and the peace and the harmony are simple and easy and unattached and non obsessive and impersonal. Our balance becomes what we carry with us not what we seek from outside of us.. …oneness

Sadly in the West many people think this “chasing the rainbow” is spirituality because its so prevalent.. and I don’t quite know how we address that but its probably the same issue that diet pills will always sell better than diet and exercise and drug dealers always more popular that gyms and juice bars…

The techniques work if surrendered to – and that’s the biggie, to surrender and be trained how to do it..to give it your all. The ego hates that because it wants to ” do it its way” and gives up those old attachments reluctantly…so there’s a time for all of us when we’re ready to let go, before which the struggle will continue.

But while we keep chasing the rainbow, whats at the end of it, is the start of the rainbow…

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