7 Spiritual Principles you may not know


7 Most Important, Least Known Spiritual Principles

1. The most powerful force in the universe is Chi or Qi, life force.. it’s very real and very tangible because as well as keeping the body alive it represents itself through emotions, the most powerful human motivators..

2. Love is not an energy it is a state of being.. It does not come in romantic and non romantic versions or come in more or lesser versions. It is calm, flowing compassionate and indiscriminate. love by its very definition is unconditional.. Itself it can’t change anything because it is not an energy…but when working from the balance it brings we can then learn how to change things using energies such as passion and compassion

3. Need, passion, lust, desire, co-dependance and other issues are what we often call love.. but these are a mixture of different phenomenon to do with with our fire and/or water chi.

4. The ultimate goal of physicality is a healthy body, the ultimate goal of mentality is a healthy brain and the ultimate goal of spirituality is healthy energy.. It is not knowing things, it is achieving states of being…

5. The ultimate goal of the spiritual journey is nothing to do with our physical relationships with a few significant people, it is to do with our interactions with all living things..

6. The duality of being and knowing are mutually exclusive.. People in balance and flow don’t need to know anything.. People not in balance and flow generally want to know what it is they need to know to achieve a state of balance, a state of not needing to know.. thus its an unsolvable paradox.. Peace comes through balance of chi, not feeding the brain.. once the chi is more balanced, the need to know becomes less of a hungry beast..

7. Physical health is controlled largely by chi which triggers the brain to produce chemicals which then control the body.. Hence when our chi is out of whack, our brain chemistry and physicality will follow.. In this way what is called ‘healing’ is not giving people our energy, it is about restoring the flow of theirs..

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