What Is Your Spiritual Lesson ? do you know ?

You don't need to clear your mind

 What is your spiritual lesson ? self love ? better boundaries ? abundance ? positive thinking ?

Spiritual lessons are never about loving yourself, having better boundaries, thinking differently, abundance or knowing anything.

Now that I’ve ruined 50 million people’s day, we can wonder why this sort of stuff is so prolific and the reality so hidden… Well its our obsession with seeing the universe as working how we choose to work, how we ( society ) choose to see things.

The universe has no clue what a relationship, situation or boundary are as these are man made constructs. She works on interactions irrespective of any labels such as relationship or boundary or situation… she doesn’t care what you believe because that is a man made construct…

The universe cares that you learn to function to flow and be and use all that she created you to be.. in terms of energy.. i.e. passion and power and compassion and altruism and flow.. doesn’t matter if you choose to be butcher baker or candlestick maker..

Hence my weeks are filled with talking to people many of whom were sure they knew what their lesson was but they were wrong. The spiritual lessons are like the physical lessons.. your gym instructor will teach you to be leaner, faster and fitter irrespective of any mental, situation or social structures.. The same is true with your energy… you are meant to learn to develop more power, compassion and the ability to flow.. and just like its physical cousin that is developed through disciplines and training….

…just like we’ve seen for thousands of years, people using techniques to develop themselves.. not books, not understanding, not beliefs, not labels or constructs or mantras… none of these build spiritual “muscle”….. spiritual and metaphysical health is about hard work and sweat just like physical health and its in those terms that the lessons arrive

Some people talk about consulting me as about getting knowledge and I explain no that’s not it… what my job is is to deconstruct all of that and point you to being able to function in different ways that work in the context of the universe so that you flow better and grow and become more powerful and more free and are able to deal with whatever comes your way… so no its not knowledge..anything but
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