Spiritual Awakening – Riley’s Story

[ The case studies are not here to illustrate soul connections but to demonstrate the power of personal healing and transformation using Ptsen Nuh metaphysical techniques.

In some cases, but not all, the persons need for healing was triggered by a soul connection – however in these case studies we do not look at the relationship aspects or if they got back together – we focus on the individuals’ healing and transformation.

If you want to know about a soul connection you will not find out about it from anyone else’s story even if they seem similar because every situation so unique thats why we don’t feature the stories .. Soul connection articles on the general issues and principles can be found here but to find about about your own unique situation it needs to looked at individually which can only come from an individual consultation.]

My spiritual awakening, through its pain and wonder, showed me what the universe really is, and what our souls are, and what energy is.

In this journey, I could suddenly feel my energy all the time, up and down my body, in a way I never felt. I could also feel other people’s energy.

There were many times when I could not conceive of what the heck was going on. Not only was I in deep emotional pain and confusion, but the spiritual awakening was very physical in nature and granting me psychic tendencies I didn’t understand or even want. I suddenly felt everything, and it hurt.

At times I thought I was having a heart attack while other times I marveled at this newly discovered energy pulsing through my body in waves, but for the most part it was unsettling and traumatizing. It was nauseating, keeping me up at night, knife through the chest and gut, pure, pulsating, burning, life force energy.

Nobody understood or could help, and friends were telling me to just “let it go.” The pain of feeling all of this and being alone in it is what drove me to get help through Steve Gunn. After finding so much comfort in Steve’s articles, I called Steve and he taught me a simple meditation exercise and urged me in his stern, unrelenting coach-like tone to keep working on it. It was so difficult but I spent the night and the whole next day practicing. That very next night, my chest feeling considerably less pressure, I magically ran into my soul connection after not seeing him for many months. I was witnessing destiny at work. That was when I first saw how powerful the techniques Steve was teaching me truly were. I was a believer! Still this was only the beginning of the healing.

I decided to give PN ( Ptsen-Nuh ) a try, and thank God the experiences pushed me to this technique.

Steve helped me discover and work with what the whole darn experience was meant to help me find – my own energy, inner peace, and the sense of having my soul back. And not just having it back like before, having it back in a bigger and more expansive way than I ever even dreamed possible before the whole ordeal began. The world is more miraculous than I ever imagined, and I would not have realized it were it not for this journey and the healing and help I’ve found along the way.

Ptsen-Nuh primarily taught me that I didn’t have to be helplessly subject to all of this energy flying around, that I was actually a part of it, and that I could change my energy and get more in the flow with it instead of being tossed around by it like a tennis ball in a drying machine.

Ptsen-Nuh taught me how to become weightless in that spin cycle, watch it spin around me, how to let go of residual energies that no longer served me, and how to observe other people deal with their own energies without always going along for the ride. Steve’s techniques empowered me to find balance on this wild journey of the soul. The reward is that my relationships improved as I established healthier energetic boundaries for myself and with others, my intuition reached new never before imagined heights, I found an inner strength and knowingness of myself that I didn’t think was possible, and I felt clear and empowered and lucky and finally at peace. I felt different. Biggest of all, I learned how to let go of all the pain and sadness that has hindered me from being me for many years. It’s all nonsense the stuff we carry around with us, all the past fears and disappointments and judgments.

I realized many of the reasons I longed for an immediate relationship with my soul mate had nothing to do with him and I, and instead were an effort to cover up old pain with a new person and a new experience. Our past scars do not make us, and that’s the good news! In several weeks, Steve helped me achieve what years of therapy could never fully purge me of. The truth is that the emotions that hold us back and our past fears and disappointments are not in our minds, and talking about them doesn’t really change them. They are stored in our bodies, like a gas that’s dying to escape, if only we would let it. Steve showed me how. And it takes work and technique and falling down and getting up and trying again but I felt amazing (and like I hit the jackpot!) once I began learning how to integrate these techniques into my daily existence.

Oh my God it is hard work. And after some initial success, I proceeded to botch it a few times and fall off the wagon, which in retrospect I am thankful for. Falling taught me to pay more attention to the techniques and really take this mind blowing way of working with your energy gravely seriously. Of course my self-defeating ego tried to make me feel bad about my relapse, but further PN work quieted that nauseating monster down. Every time I released something in PN or watched myself grow more articulate in the various techniques, I was mesmerized by the outcome.
It’s magic.

I wish you strength on your journey, and most of all hope. Have faith that you will once again find peace, you will survive the fire, and that you can be a co-creator in the achievement of that lovely, warm, settling, and weightless, peace…

If I can do it so can you…

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