Spiritual Awakening FAQ

A spiritual awakening is a process of considerable inner change that some people will go through where their entire being, consciousness and intuitive abilities ascend to another – higher – level of energy and awareness.

As an experience it can, and most often will, be profound and disturbing with little or no feeling of control and most often no idea what’s actually happening.

What are the symptoms ?
Please note – these symptoms are not to be used for diagnosis of any kind. Some can be associated with medical or psychological conditions – always consult a medical professional.

Any or all of the following symptoms can happen;

A form of disconnection from the usual reality – feeling a different sense of ‘self’
Feeling of being in another place or time
Suddenly feeling connected to the universe and other people
A sense that this is an almost ‘out-of-this-world’ experience
Psychic senses working overtime
You can tune into other peoples feelings
Sleep patterns change considerably
Random surges of emotions
Energy levels vary considerably
Often wake up very tired
Warm palms of hands or feet
Tingling hands and or feet
Heart palpitations
Shivers down the back
Unusual synchronicities
Sometimes paranormal events such as lights flashing or objects moving

If you read enough articles on symptoms of spiritual awakening on the web you’ll end up with a list of symptoms a mile long as so much is written on these subjects..

I feel as if I’ve lost something – a part of myself – and someone has suggested a using Shamanic practices to retrieve it ?

I’m not here to comment or make judgment on Shamanic soul retrieval but this feeling having lost “part of self” is a natural part of awakening so my suggestion would be to get someone to help you manage the awakening process and to see it through before resorting to other practices.

What are the causes of awakening?

The most common causes are a deep personal experience at the soul level. Usually a profound loss, deep soul connection or near death experience or even a combination of these.

What do we mean by the term spiritual ?

The ‘spiritual’ part refers to the soul – that which is traditionally considered to be indefinable or intangible but which is actually very clearly defined as the seven energy centers or’ chakra’ that are the souls’ presence in the physical body.

These are;
Crown – crown of the head
Third Eye – center of the forehead
Throat – center of the throat
Heart – center of the chest alongside the physical heart
Solar Plexus – center of the chest
Sacral – behind the belly button
Base – just forward of the base of the spine

Each chakra is like a transmitter and receiver of energy, each works at a different frequency and each with a different task. Everyone is of course aware of the heart chakra, it’s the one our brain is most aware of as our emotional center, and most people will be very aware of how their heart chakra feels at any one time. Love and pain, happiness and sadness are the heart chakra energies everyone’s used to.

The sacral or tummy chakra is probably the other one we are aware of as some of its functions are deeper emotions and expression of deeper desires. This we often see refereed to as “gut feel”, or we describe actions as “gutsy” and deep emotions affect our tummy.

However being consciously aware of each of the other chakras is another matter unless we have learned how to – because we usually are each individually familiar with how we feel inside, as a sort of overall integrated awareness – the what we are like, and how we react to situations. This integrated awareness is probably best described as the feeling of “being me”

An awakening will totally change that feeling of “being me”

What does a spiritual awakening do ?

A spiritual wakening changes the levels of energy within all of the chakras. Therefore all emotions, sensations and awareness transcends to a higher more intense state… You psychic-intuitive sense will also open to new levels during this process..

So why a sudden transition to a higher level ?
Like everything in nature there are seasons and so it is with the soul, seasons of progression. A spiritual awakening is a time when the soul, the seven chakras, are meant to rapidly transcend from one state of being, awareness, level and power – to another.

This is why its such an amazingly powerful and often confusing experience, because that feeling we described earlier of “being me” changes.. This change rocks our world as we struggle to understand why we suddenly feel like we’re someone else or try to reconnect with how we used to feel.
These big changes come for a reason and are linked to a time when the soul enters a new phase of purpose.

Are all awakenings the same ?
No. Some come in several smaller stages usually separated by years. What we’re really talking about here is the very considerable ones that come ‘all at once’ and represent the largest challenge as the transition is so huge.

Can I make myself awaken ?
No. This is something that’s a part of your souls’ progress at defined times in its journey. You can choose to develop your energies for better flow, to feel more at peace and be better in tune generally – but cannot consciously choose to transcend to another level.

Can I stop an awakening ?
Unfortunately not – however you can choose to not to develop some of the psychic – intuitive abilities or to use them.

Can the process be managed ?
Yes and it needs to be managed, you will need to be taught what’s going on and have someone else assist with grounding and leveling out your energies – as well as learn so rudimentary energy meditations. Make sure whoever you work with has experience with awakenings as the well intentioned energy worker can cause as much damage as good if they don’t have specific experience of awakenings. Beyond that, you may well choose to develop your new found abilities.

How long does the process last ?
There are several stages and they usually don’t have a defined timing, it depends on how you manage the process. Working with someone to manage the process makes the transition easier, quicker and less traumatic

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