Soulmate FAQ ( 2007 )

For all who’ve asked, thank you, here it is – Some of the most asked questions – Summer 2007

What is a soul connection ?

A soul connection ( referred to in differing ways as soulmate, karmic connection or twin flame ) is someone who’s destined to enter our lives in order to bring about change.

They are tests and challenges we are meant to encounter on our life path in order to drive us deeper into knowledge of self, to resolve issues and transcend in self understanding and self awareness, and to make us realize that some things are way beyond the traditional view of reality as being what we perceive or decide – ie bring our awarenss to powers of destiny and connectedness on a level much stronger than our own will.

That does NOT mean we can’t have a relationship with them in time nor does it mean that relationship is destined but it does mean we have to pass some tests…Each connection is different and there are many levels. Threre’s little substitute for a really good reading on the tests and the karma and the results of your connection but remember YOU will define the outcome even if you can’t see that right now…

Some people subscribe to beliefs that twins or other types of connections aren’t about karma or are more about the relationship and that th level of destiny geared to the relationship is different.
All of the evidence doesn;t bear this out, all connections are subject to the same laws..

Whats the purpose of meeting a soul connection ?

To challenge us to get closer to our actual existence, that of why we are here, who we truly are, the human experience, and that there’s so much more than just birth, paying the mortgage and then death. In other words to get us closer to our spirituality, to realize that we are a part of the universe and always have been and that despite feeling our existence may be some biological function its so much more than that.

Here’s the tough part…..We always think of them in terms of the relationship, and before that’s gonna happen we have to understand that it’s a bigger life experience than that and be willing to accept the lessons…

Whats the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame ?

As we progress through our many physical lives on this planet with the process of learning in each life and progressing to a higher level in the next, we will encounter soulmates in the later lives. Each experience will test us to our limits, often making us feel that the level of love, pain and learning cant possibly be greater than it is this particular soul connection. But it can, as we progress and grow, successive connections can and will get stronger as we get stronger, leading to the ultimate soul connection often referred to as the twin-flame. However any meaning that term used to have has been lost because in popular culture because it’s used everywhere to describe all sorts of phenomenon.

Whats the relevance of karma?

Most people see karma as simply “do good get good” or “do bad get bad”. That’s just one law of a set of rules ( karmic law ) that govern metaphysics similar to the laws of physics that rule the physical dimension. And they are surprisingly similar….
Our individual karma, or set of lessons we are meant to learn, continue with us through all of our lives, they don’t end with physical death. And so do the key connections in each life, so that we will reunite in this and other lifetimes if we don’t manage to pass all the tests and challenges within a physical lifetime.

Psychic readings and soulmates….

Just like we have 5 physical senses (sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch ) , there are also basic ‘psychic’ senses that can be developed.
Some will be able to develop just one and some all 5. And as with anything it takes practice and dedication. Even with a very high level of potential psychic ability, the real challenge is to maintain the discipline to use those abilities and not to think. We all know that the brain intervenes all the time and so in order to read on the highest level whatever ones abilities, a strict and disciplined regime of meditation and practice is essential in order to give only what we are given rather than offer thoughts or opinions…
The pressure on readers who do the work full time and need to earn a living can often push people to do too many readings, or to allow their beliefs to enter readings, unless we maintain a code of ethics…

Why did psychic A tell me he’s no good for me?

At this point in his development he may not be, but that’s not the whole story, Remember that meeting a soulmate transforms BOTH parties and so change is the order of the day Also, that wasn’t your psychic reading that was s/he giving an opinion. Make sure you are clear from them what you want when you ask for a reading….and its probably not opinions.

Why didn’t psychic A tell me he was my soulmate?

For many readings, especially about conventional non-soul connection type relationships, its commonly taught to use the lower 2 abilities to tune in to the 2 people. E.g what does person A feel about person B ( empathic reading ) and what do they think about each other ( telepathic reading ) .
In a lot of cases that’s enough for the reader to get a handle on whats happening and look forward psychically and get an answer.
With soul connections it’s a whole new game. The connection is not coming from within you both, it’s a set of forces that connect your destinies. In order to ‘see’ that, one must have developed an ability to see energy and also to see how each persons life path is intertwined with the other and why
These energies do not come from the people and therefore cant be read with the empathic or telepathic abilities.
Many readers are very very good at ‘psychic spying’, that is confirming he has blonde hair or drives a green car or is tall and that is often very impressive. But again that’s ‘what is” not what’s really happening…
And so soul connections are a challenge for even the most accomplished readers to see and understand what’s going on at a practical, emotional, karmic, life path and spiritual level
Only when you put the whole picture together can you get the right answers.

Why did psychic A tell me he was my twin flame when psychic B says he’s my soulmate?

Many people say only the people involved know if it’s a twin flame or a soulmate experience. Given that everyone involved in a soul connection is most probably feeling love and pain on the highest level they’ve ever experienced they are bound to believe it’s a connection of the highest order. Only when a psychic reader has read and seen and experienced the whole range of energies can we see where yours sits on the grand scale. This is linked to your soul-age as well and therefore we also need to able to see that in the context of your past and future lives and the karmic tests you are being challenged with..

Many people believe that twin souls are more likely to reunite and therefore badge theirs as a twin flame experience. Actually the rules of karma dictate all connections and therefore its no more likely that anything different will happen with a twin flame, except the roller coaster ride is a whole lot bigger than with a soulmate and the transformation utterly staggering.

Psychic A told me he was my soulmate and we’d be together forever but now he’s left?

The way destiny works is that we are led to crossroads where we ( and they ) make a choice. If we didn’t have the freewill to make choices then we wouldn’t be able to learn lessons.. In the case of soul connections, whats destined is that eventually despite both of your choices, the karma has to be settled so you’ll be led in each others directions again until it is..

Even in the case where he’s eventually returned and on his knees promising all that you ever wanted him to, you can say NO. That’s your freewill, but only when the karma has completed and you’ve both accepted this connection for what it is and come to it willingly…
In the case of lower level soulmates, return is not necessary in order to complete the karma but in all high level ones the karma cant complete until you have reunited…So destiny never decrees we HAVE to be with someone, just that we’re given the right choices, even if those choices are taken away for a time by another’s free will.

Psychic A told me he wasn’t thinking about me but I can sense that he is, what’s happening?

Believe what your senses tell you. You will know if you are deluding yourself or you really sense that…. As always, go with the instincts !.

Psychic A said he’ll be back by Christmas not next summer, why am I being given different dates?

This is a really important question and probably the one most people want to know…

I often hear “timing is difficult to read” ?

No its really easy – the problem is that people don’t realize which timings they control and which are controlled by destiny.

When its the timing of a persons freewill it cant be predicted because it hasn’t been decided. When its destined its already been decided…

Its normal for everyone to consider time as a line from past to future and we site here at the present moment. We see destined events as a given event, with a given person, organization or object, at a given place and at a given time. Well guess what, it doesn’t happen like that. Destiny and free will are an intertwined fabric of our reality so there’s always going to be a variable that’s subject to freewill. For example, a coming events is defined by spirit as that long awaited job opportunity and it will come in October. No problem because any good psychic will get “job” and “October”

The universe defined a job and a timing. Now if you take the job or not that’s your free will and you will either love your decision or hate it at a later date. No psychic can get a guaranteed read on if you will take that job or not until you decide, because before you decide it is not a pore ordained event therefore cant be pre-seen! So in this case the universe gave you some control of your destiny, she gave you a choice, but she also did her part in delivering the options to you. You could even have a choice of 2 jobs in October and we are getting that you can choose one. You can still choose not to have one so free will and destiny are still working together….

With soul connections. The timing is the free will because each party has to learn big important karmic lessons, to go through a process of transformation and to come out of the other side seeing their errors and finding the right path. Now the good news is that this transformation is the bit that’s inescapable. The bad news is that the freewill is the only thing that defines WHEN that person makes that choice. So any good psychic can see what’s already been planned and HAS to happen.

We cant see the timing until the person has decided. Because before that its something that isnt defined.
Psychics read what has already been decided by God or man and cant be changed…..and that will never be Event, Place, Person AND Timing….
As soon as the person has made up their mind, its easy to say “you will hear in the next week” and get it right. But understand that until something has been decided it doesn’t exist so therefore cant be read. So many many will offer you accurate timings, but they simply don’t understand how the universe works………and there’s no pre requirement for any psychic reader to study metaphysics, so be aware of which readers are working from belief and which from a metaphysical context…

Psychic A is accurate about so many things, so why not everything?
Spirit wont give us everything, however much we ask – its not 1-800 DIAL GOD. We are here to guide and advise…
If someone’s working well and has developed all the different levels of ability and is practicing a discipline to keep it working then we will get a lot.

Why did psychic A say that I should stop seeing my soulmate and stay with my husband and that otherwise it will all end in tears?

They should have answered that and explained the karma, the choices, and implications, your life path and the forces around you.
The choice is and was yours not theirs. Remind your psychic to advise you not tell you what to do because thats not being psychic…

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