Soul Connections What have we learned ?

Soul connections ( Also referred to as Twin Soul, Karmic Connection, Soulmate )

If there’s a core issue to soul connections I really believe it’s that they are such an insight into the methods of the universe…

In creating such a conflict between what logic tells us versus what we feel inside – begin that most vital and all important journey where we depart from the idea that we really know what reality is about from logic and reason, to begin existing on the multiple levels …ie spiritual awakening.

Being very general – the first part of that journey is usually from a position of that we have found something thats so utterly magical , so utterly completes us…and it’s taken away from us or we can’t have it.

Thus follows the crisis and pain we all know so well…

In latter parts of the journey we will by then have begun to think, perceive and exist more on the multiple levels having experienced all of the mental confusion, romance, energetic and spiritual roller coaster effects of the entire experience where it becomes much more about a total and parallel inter woven multi level life experience than just about the other person or just about love. This is when we begin to truly comprehend…

If i had to personally summarize what i feel is the key point of transition from stage 1 of the process – with all the pain and shock and comprehension, through to the later stages mentioned above, i would say its this…

We are mostly conditioned to think in a way that because God loves us he wants us to be happy and i don’t have issue with that. Where it tends to go terribly off track is that we often make the mental leap to that being we will be provided for.. In other words what we seek we shall find and thus achieve happiness…

God, life , the universe does not teach most of it’s lessons through providing what we need….Rather…if the universe requires us to find answers it poses questions. When it requires us to be strong it provides crisis.
If we need to learn to fight we are provided with a battle… NOT to say passing those tests isn’t rewarded, because as we know in all things there must be ultimately balance ( primarily law of karma ).

BUT that the tests come first.

I suggest that when a soul connection comes into our lives it signals a time when we have work to do.

As in the usual laws of duality, the karmic burden doesn’t reside with one partner but both and there’s no accident that karma each mirrors the other if it manifests in the same way or the opposite way.

So the question we have to ask ourselves is “what lessons am i meant to learn, what issues has this connection brought to the surface, and what tests do i have to pass.”

As per another important law of the universe, this person in our life isn’t meant to be the answer but to highlight the issues that need resolution so that we ourselves can be the answer. ( The law of not being allowed to want from others what we can’t first find in ourselves – ie love isn’t need – it’s choosing to share what we already have. )

So we have some karmic issue to work through singly and jointly.

As i often quote ( sorry i forget the source ) “When God wants us to learn strength he doesn’t send strength he sends challenges.”

Usually it will be something that’s been a lifelong issue like power or boundaries or rejection or insecurity, something that the universe wants dealt with once and for all. And whatever has happened in the ‘running’ phase will have jabbed all those raw nerves in the issue department to bring them to the surface.

So when questioning oneself about the lessons or indeed Mystic whatshername and the answer that comes is “the lesson is patience”….be assured no it isn’t.

The universe doesn’t require waiting, ever. It requires lessons, progress, challenges, and change, especially at times like these. After all why else would she have sent us a soul connection?

Just before the romantic idealists begin throwing darts at my picture again – yes it’s also about love but again never JUST one thing. back to the universe, always duality always balance always reconciliation of imbalance ( karma ).

I like to think of it this way – that first come the tests, then the rewards

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  1. Hi Steve
    I agree totally that we are sent what we need in order to grow and learn. If we lived in paradise all the time we would not learn or grow. I also think that most of our challenges comes from the people we have agreed to be around i.e spouse, friends, work mates. And indeed with these the universe does provide us with what we need.

  2. Hi There

    This is so true. It took me a while to grasp following my reading from steve and reading this artical a hundred times. Well the reading was awesome, it made me realize why l was reacting the way I was i.e a lifelong issue boundaries and insecurity. Following my reading l reflected and believe me when I say I am putting down boundaries across the board, not just with my connection on a spirtual level but everyone who put on me in a constructive manner. Steve helped me to learn the FACT that others put on me cos I’m a strong person and others are not learning their lessons as I was taking away their pain. Like the saying NO PAIN, NO GAIN. As this was part of my lessons, not to play mother hen to everyone in my life…and sponge up their PAIN.To wake up and unprogramme myself from not feeling selfish or guilty. Steve explained what the connection was about ,what the energies were doing and what part l needed to play and how me being insecure was affecting my decisions and preventing me from learning my lessons and placing boundairies. I have & still are dealing with my insecuries as they arise as I’m in the early stages (8 weeks) which is’nt easy but I am implementing new stratergies i.e meditation,prayers,pampering myself and doing what I WANT TO DO and the fact that I deserve better from everyone in my life INCLUDING MY SOUL CONNECTION. What steve teaches us really works.I feel I am in control, balanced, happy and in peace with my self because I’ve learnt to believe in myself and have FAITH in GOD and the UNIVERSE its that simple. I Would like to take the opportunity and say a BIG THANK YOU to STEVE for showing me my journey…I look forward to the rest off my reading ripping fruit as you can see the majority of the reading has ripped fruit…..

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