Soul Connection Lead to Emotional & Physical Self Healing – A Case Study

Imagine being tossed into the whirlwind of a Category 5 hurricane, hit by the strongest bolt of lighting, only then to be struck by a 300 mph train. Your whole world has been obliterated, completely decimated.

Instead of feeling the darkness envelope you into oblivion, you are still alive. Well, just barely. The person who stares back at you in the mirror looks like you, but you know something has changed. Something has died. The ripping, tearing, completely earth-shattering pain is all too real. Cries are no longer dainty, superficial tears that are soon forgotten, but deep-wrenching, soul-searing sobs that could only come from a place deep within. You are bereft. You feel soul-less.

What am I describing? A first-class trip to Hell? No, my soul connection.

From the beginning the recognition comes from deep within. You know this person. The chemistry is there, along with the myriad of emotions that are completely disproportionate to the emotions you’ve had with anyone in the past. Psychic, otherworldly things happen, making you take note, that this is something incredibly special. The love, the synchronicity, the deep soul-bonding and connection is there. You’ve never had someone so completely entrenched within your being. You are them, they are you. It’s shocking, it’s exhilarating. You love their soul, and they love yours.

Which is why when one partner takes on the role of the runner and makes a mad dash for the border, it leaves the other partner reeling in devastation. Why would anybody in their right minds give up such an amazing connection? You fluctuate between anger, frustration, sadness, grief – you feel as if you are crazy and deserving of being in a mental house.

When a soul connection leaves you, it’s almost as if having someone die. You grieve for them just the same. My new found lot in life gave me the crazy psychic powers that sometimes accompanied this sort of awakening, enabling me to feel him, feel his confusion, his anger, his sadness – it all the more drove me crazy. Contacting fortune tellers became the norm. I was hooked on a drug and it was called, ‘reassurance’. In my mind I was disavowing everything he’d ever said to me – how much he loved me, how he cared, etc. I started thinking this was terribly one-sided and I had given up way too much of myself to be hurt. I started feeling stupid, dumb, it was all a slap in the face. Worded reassurance from Lady WhatsHerName only seemed to pacify me awhile. I needed anything – even though the the voice inside of me would contradict, telling me it wasn’t the time. I wanted everything fixed and back to normal. NOW.

I couldn’t begin the tell you the obscene amount of money I spent on fortune tellers who masqueraded as psychics, or how wrong they were. When I came to Steve I was ready for a change. I no longer wanted to be this crazy person. I wanted to surrender the ego. I needed to be in my own element, I needed to be happy, irrespective of my soul connection or what would happen there. I needed to work on ME, the only person I had control over. So, I started my energy with work with Steve – and I have to tell you. It has made all the difference! I am a new, happy, balanced person. No longer is my soul connection or any other person’s energy knocking me off balance. The Universe wanted change from me. That’s what she got.

What about my soul connection? I have my path to walk and so does he. I needed to do the work first. I’m happy to announce that within a week of my finishing Steve’s course, my soul connection did return to start a dialog. But you know what? I held back, pushed him away. Yes, the love and connection is still there, it never left. He has a special place within my soul, and I love him unconditionally now, irrespective of being with him or not. But I have new boundaries now. I no longer have the desire to be in the energy of someone who refuses to grow, because that in turn will only make me unhappy. The Universe wants change, not martyrdom. Perhaps the change in me will be the catalyst for his.

Not only has Steve’s work helped me deal with my soul connection, but also cleaning my energy and making me healthier. In April of 2013 I was hospitalized with liver inflammation. There was no cause, and after tons of tests, I was beginning to feel deflated. I was feeling toxic, gained 20 lbs., all I wanted to do was sleep, my body was sluggish and it was hard for me to focus on anything. When modern medicine didn’t work, I turned to Steve – and who would have thought it – but the energy work helped me heal myself from within naturally ! No medications, nothing! I’m on the path to mending!

Nothing can express the pure, heartfelt gratitude I feel towards Steve and his work. He’s shown me how to restore my balance from the inside out. I’m healthier, happy now. Truly.


Energy work teaches the person natural techniques to help them restore their energy balance – it is not a form of healing but of aiding natural process. No medical or psychological advise is given – and it is not offered as an alternative to consulting a licensed professional.

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