Soul Connection FAQ ( Update 2009 )

To address some misconceptions about Soul connections and spiritual issues surrounding them and other major life challenges..

“Why do you specialize in soul connections or relationships”

Answer…. I don’t..

I do however focus on anything that has to to with people destiny, life and learning like loss , addiction pain, soul connections, spiritual awakening, spiritual phenomenon, karmic cycles, lost souls – all the really tough stuff because its where the multi disciplinary approach of metaphysics can really make difference as opposed to just psychic reading, or just spiritual counselling, or just energy work alone…

It is only from that context that things like profound loss, soul connections, tragedy and many of the other major life tests can be understood and actually even make sense.. And if theres any general mis perception of focus on one field its simply from the publicity that one aspect has got through the success of this multi-disciplinary “top down” approach.

From the context of what we believe or want to believe the world is about, ( the common perceptions ) not much of it does make sense. And so these events force learning of that bigger picture, the tearing away of the illusions, its part of why these events exist, to show you your universe at work in a way you possibly never knew.

Often the awakening is so profound that we look back and couldn’t understand how we couldn’t see it before…but we were so conditioned to think in certain ways that it needed some huge event to push us through to lift the veils from our eyes

it’s been my pleasure over the years to do a lot of work with addicts, people who have lost loved ones, the terminally ill, people who have lost everything and others in severe crisis.. and its the most challenging yet rewarding thing I could have imagined. I have to admit its not something i chose but fortunately the universe knew better..

“So your not psychically reading my situation your just quoting what we all know about runners”.( many readers hear this )

I can only talk for my consultations on the answer here not the other readers but NO – if your having a consultation with me, what your being given is whats being psychically read from the person and the energies around the situation as we do the session, there are no generalizations.

I may explain some universal laws, for example the first law that ” happiness must come from within” but thats made clear at the time

If the answers you get on your situation fit some generalizations in some areas then so does life…e.g. theres going to be some fear or worry thats obvious or the person wouldn’t be staying away , its what that fear or worry is thats the issue, where it came from, why its there and whats behind it resolving…

“But i already knew this so your not telling me something new”..

Then you know your intuition is working well.. The overall rules to any consultation are to reflect the reality to empower you not give you opinions or perspectives or the male or female view…and its to give you that information whether you knew it or not. That is utterly fundamental to spiritual law..empowerment through objectivity …not viewpoint

[with reference to the psychic guidance code of practise ]

On the issue of what you picked up with your intuition…You have the ability in you to read things psychically that usually shocks people when its demonstrated to them. Not everyone has all psychic abilities ( there are many ) but everyone has some. I often like to demonstrate how amazing each persons ability is and that it’s only from being trapped in a state of not believing that stops it happening..

Some day everyone will use theirs all the time and society will move it into the “normal” category and out of the “paranormal”

“I only want to know about the other person”

Then you wont learn what your connection is about, how each of you are entangled in the energetic interchange, why, what is happening, how its happening, what has to happen, and how to make it change it…

Connections and big events in life connect to all things in your life and have far reaching implications.. Be open to learn and be empowered – you are NEVER powerless even thought it may seem that you are..

I can get through this by understanding how soul connections work

if only that were true…. There are no rules to soul connections, they are the rules of the universe as applied to soul connections and each is different and so you would need to study for many years to get a real handle on enough to untangle your situation. yet its what everyone of us sets out to do..

its also why we pogo around with titles like karmic, soulmate, twin etc as we struggle to find something that makes find rules we can apply to our situation to balm that worry of “what if”

Ultimately much as it sucks, riding the roller coaster and learning about SELF is the answer. Its the road we all walk eventually although we will all find different ones in the beginning. Some knowledge and wisdom, a lot of acceptance, maybe some good meditation and disciplines but never just an intellectual understanding..

When the peace comes the mind stops… and the peace cant come until the mind has stopped enough to give it a chance….

“You say in your book that love wins in the end, I take that to mean we will be together”

There’s only one place that love requires a relationship to validate or make it real and thats in the human mind..

Love itself is free and unconditional and will win in the end but if you require it to bring you a relationship for it to win then you don’t yet know how to love unconditionally…and none of us did until we passed the tests of a connection so its no personal reflection its a part of the path we will all walk in one life or another…its one of the big tests..

Some people will get a chance at the relationship some won’t thats down to the individual situation and some personal choices and each situation is different..

Some will mourn that non chance and some will give prayers of thanks because it wasn’t what they thought it was at the time..

Love and relationships are 2 separate issues, love needs nothing, humans need relationships until we can enlighten and find peace from within in which case we no longer NEED them, we like them and we may want them but the lack of the relationship is no longer a destructive force… It was never meant to be that way anyway..

Nobody really wants to hear this part and its not making me too popular but just wait and see…

“Why is there so much pain and destruction in these situations”

In terms of the universal processes – the path to enlightenment and spiritual progression requires destruction of the old ways, the ways in which we became entrenched.. in order to allow us to see things anew.

So much of society steers us in a particular direction. For instance the most powerful motivator of any human is emotions, yet when did you hear of emotional classes ? They’re something we consign to somewhere between “getting over it”, psychoanalysis or some idea of “it’s just how i am”…

Likewise we don’t even globally accept energy or the soul. Everyone feels pain in the heart chakra yet millions would argue chakras even exist…

The fabric of modern ( particularly western ) society is so geared to making metaphysics, the energy universe or spirituality down to personal belief, that even if there is a creator is assigned to individual belief or perception..

And so there comes a time when we must meet the real universe head on, irrespective of these societal constructs… and its at that time that they crack and we see how things really are…

Its important to understand context and universal law, very important ..BUT every situation also has many many variables…don’t go for the “all runners run because” or “they all come back because”…or “i know its a twin soul because” .. get a good reading one good one that explains your unique situation is worth a hundred different viewpoints..A good reading of all the aspects all the lessons all the karma all the energies in your situation is the most powerful thing you can have..

I’ll add to this post as questions come up…

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