Twin Flame Audio Book by Steve Gunn

( see also METAPHYSICS – Spirituality of the Energy Universe, published September 2014 )

Soul Connections is the Metaphysical term that describes the group of phenomenon often referred to by different labels such as Soulmate Twin Soul, Twin Flame, Karmic Connection, Soul Contract and more.

This book focuses solely on explaining the Metaphysics, the Spiritual processes, rather than the romance, the relationships, the behavior or aspects of the other person. It seeks to clarify and help with the core issues of the individuals’ journey through spiritual transformation, to find peace, unconditional love, oneness, flow and harmony – amidst what is usually equivalent to some level of being put through the cosmic blender.

It comes at a time when there never was more variety of beliefs, opinions and labels to confuse someone new to the experience – and thus perhaps creating a greater need for something that is based upon solid metaphysical research backed by more than a decade of intense case work as opposed to, and irrespective of, any religion, belief, trend or viewpoint.

“If you want a book to confirm that someone else is your happiness however much you love them….. then you’ll be disappointed. However if you want to find out how you’re the key to your happiness, and that love can only set you free ……then you won’t be.”

Twin Soul, Soulmate, Soul Connection Audio Book by Steve Gunn

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