Simon Says – Cross The River

Time to Cross That River

Funny how lyrics from songs can reflect life situations to one at a particular time , and at that time you seem unable to get that song out of your mind .I have chosen the above track from my favorite band of all time Magnum ,great underrated Band .

Songs obviously are expressions of feelings and emotions put to music , ( except For Death Metal /Rant Over)       but what this track did for me was explain in simple terms that in April 2011 it was ” Time For Me To Cross That River ” .

The River I was being offered to cross was that of Healing , a connection had been brought into my life to open me up to the power of the Universe and it is Powerful believe me .Through the connection I was taught and shown so many lessons ( And Still Am) , but as I refused to accept I needed to Heal the lessons kept coming but the more I resisted the more my feelings of pain deepened .Always believing the pain was caused by loss of the connection (Heartbreak Pie) I carried on fighting with this irresistible force .

But the pain was deep inside of me , past hurts I had buried deep , for they were too painful to explore again , but it was Time To Cross That River .

A few years earlier I had made contact with a man , who helped to explain the craziness I was experiencing through my connection and the reasons behind the connection , but it had taken until 2011 and the track , for me to accept it wasn’t just my connection who needed to Heal , but also I had to Heal .

The man’s name is Steve Gunn , and Steve is able to give you a accurate insight into the issues surrounding your connection .Don’t bother spending hours and hours , trawling through all the baloney about Soul Connections , like I have done , just go direct to Steve .

Steve through a reading explained , clearly and without fuss , what I had to do , to get from the place I was (In Pain) to the place I wanted to be , and that place was my Happiness .Once again I rejected the advice and carried on believing I knew best .

What I was given then was  , pain like never before , like I was being torn inside out , I couldn’t eat sleep , life was suddenly this Dark Abyss and I was hanging on to something that was causing me so much pain .At what seemed to be the height of this pain I was listening to the radio and that track played , but for the first time I realised , what it was saying to me .

Steve had offered his “PN” system in our last conversation  , never pushing it upon  me but offering me the option and explaining he felt it was time for me to look at healing , for in his words ” For the situation to change you will have to change ” .So I mailed Steve and was given a date to begin “PN”.

Steve is the right man for the job , always compassionate but disciplined , ” Discipline Simon, DISCIPLINE ” the words are so true .PN is hard but through the discipline Steve instructs the techniques do truly work .In the early stages I fought it , but Steve with his discipline and wonderful sense of humour , gets the point across and you feel empowered , for me he was the ideal coach and is always there if you need him , he never gets flustered , and is calm, objective and compassionate .

It’s over two years now since I completed the course with Steve , and I have like many fell off the horse many times .Contacting Steve in confusion , but once again his calm disciplined way just puts you back on the Horse .As he says its DISCIPLINE .

It is hard but as he says ” Just Do It !!” and the results will astound you and Happiness will become the norm , not a faraway dream .

If it’s time for you to cross that river , pick up the phone , email Steve , he truly is a gifted generous man and you will not look back , but look forward .

Thank You Mr Gunn



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