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All energies are sexual energies

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Ok admit it you’re used to me throwing curved balls out there ( no pun intended ) but this one caught your eye.  But it’s actually encompassing a really important principle in metaphysics and our journey to energetic empowerment and oneness

The western ‘modular’ approach to energy is a bunch of chakra’s and “this chakra does that and that chakra does this”….  but of course that’s not how it works, that’s just how we’re trained to try and see things in an over simplistic deconstructionist way with individual modules doing different tasks.. it works for designing cars, plumbing and electronics but not the spiritual energy system.

Because of this fact, there is no one ‘sex chakra’ or ‘sexual energy’ despite what you may read to the contrary.. and here’s why

Sex is a physical act that is undertaken for any number of reasons – for procreation, compassion, nurturing, lust, validation, domination, submission, obligation, intimacy, bonding, jealously, money and a hundred other reasons.  And so sex can be an outlet, an expression of almost any energy or mix of energies.

In human spiritual energy there are two main types of chi, water chi and fire chi. Water chi having aspects just like it’s symbolism of water, it is calming, flowing, gentle, and nurturing. Fire chi on the other hand being like fire, is passionate and powerful – sometimes simmering sometimes roaring but not with one stable state like the water chi..

Lust, as the base physical desire of sexual arousal, is an expression of fire chi, the very same energy that also fuels the expression of anger.. Like anger it tends to flare up and die down – rarely staying in one stable state.. When aroused,  the energy is indiscriminate, its desire is not attached to a particular person.. And this is an important point, its the same energy that’s flowing irrespective of if person a, b, or c trigger your arousal….. all that will vary is the intensity. Lust triggers are primal

Sensuality, compassion and nurturing are aspects of water chi. They are flowing and when they open up they don’t flare and die like the lust they stay pretty constant.
Water chi triggers are gentle and tactile and sensual.

Both of these aspects, both of these energies function entirely separately, there is no consequence that if one is triggered so must the other be..  And both have important functions in the system over and above the desire to have sex, they function in important aspects of healthy energy flow, emotional balance and physical healing..

Where the problems come is in how we’re taught these energies relate to daily life and how we link them into situations, especially relationships and then superimpose a lot of expectations.

For example I often hear “I can only access my lust when it’s someone I care about”, or conversely “He/she only wants sex and doesn’t show me attention”, or “I care about him/her but the passion has faded and I’m in conflict”

Likewise some people say “even being attracted to someone else while being in a relationship, is akin to cheating”

There are people who try to make fire chi energies such as lust and desire and passion seem to be ‘low’ and talk of a ‘higher self’ that transcends these, also often seeing the act of sexual procreation as having some form of sacred or transcendental aspect..

So now our vitally important energies, energies that heal our body and keep us balanced  are tied into conditions and expectations to which they will not conform because we have overlaid social parameters. Lust is seen as ‘bad’ and sensuality ‘good’. This usually leads to energy suppression, often lack of Libido, lower self worth, ill health, lack of drive, inability to orgasm, dis empowerment, seeking co dependent relationships and many other dysfunctional aspects.

And all of that is because society can’t separate the energy from the act – largely due to something we have invented called ‘personality’, one of the great crimes of our time…
Thus if you are someone with a lot of compassion and sensuality you are someone “soft” or “weak” and if you are someone with a lot of fire chi you are either “an angry person” or “a promiscuous person”

These labels and judgments and constraints help form the prison within which our energies cannot flow as they need to for our emotional, mental and physical health.

We must separate the energy from the act.. most people get angry but most don’t get violent or go around screaming at people.. likewise most people get aroused but don’t go jumping on anyone they come across..

Its also really so important to appreciate that the way to relieve lust is not just physically, that is actually a secondary release. Once we can learn how to channel it through ourselves it becomes one of THE most important aspects of the chi healing the physical body.  The same with anger, when we can channel it also flows through the body and revitalizes and heals.

(Q.) Is this Kundalini Energy ?  (A.) No . there is no Kundalini energy, its what that discipline has named one energy.. a bit like if I said “ok no more water chi its now Gunn Energy”. The practices  of ‘upward energy’ that the kundalini people do are extremely dangerous and very often lead to emotional /mental issues and even psychosis.  I won’t say anymore except suggest you do a web search for the dangers and you will see what i mean.. I highly recommend it is avoided. But back to the issue.

Water chi follows the same rules as fire chi, for example many people believe that crying releases the energies but no it doesn’t it only relieves the physiological tensions – not the underlying energies ( emotions ) so you don’t cry things out you just keep relieving the physiological tension created by the emotion until eventually it gets buried under the daily ‘noise’ to lurk there for another day or another decade.. One of the quotes I’m quite well known for is “if crying released pain I’d have no clients”

So, in order to flow and grow we MUST see all of these energies as healthy, we must dissociate lust, passion, compassion and nurturing from being about someone else or specific situations or relationships or some ‘higher’ and some ‘lower’  and make it the way we function every single day in order to flow..   No I don’t mean run out and sleep around, nor subscribing to a bunch of X rated websites, I mean learning how to channel these energies in a healthy powerful 100% natural self healing way so we are lusty but have no desire whatsoever to run around and sleep with as many people as we can, nor just attach it to one person.

Likewise the anger, to nurture it, make it flow, learn how to channel it – NEVER at anyone else but as a vital part of the fuel of our system..  same with compassion, same with every single energy.

When people ask “why do you recommend energy work” it’s the same as asking why physical healthcare professionals recommend diet and exercise.. these really aren’t options.

When we can own and channel our energies we won’t be threatened by a partner looking at someone, we won’t need someone to be our sole trigger for passion, compassion and nurturing, we won’t use sex for intimacy or validation because we will be complete and flowing and if a partner gets angry with us or rejects us we may not like it but we continue to fully function instead of fall apart.

Yes we’ll have sex, people will always have sex and for many reasons, but all healthy and not to use others just to get off or to be validated or to make someone jealous..

Many people would say “oh if you encourage people to be angry you create a problem” and they are wrong. My students get angry every day, they nurture it, encourage it, learn to work with it and release it so they flow and benefit from its power in terms of physical healing, solid emotional foundations and feeling empowered.. They are the people LEAST likely to lose it then something happens because they deal with it every day and have the tools.  The same for the other energies, they work with it every day, its no longer something they try to avoid, seek from others or take out on others or is only constrained within relationships.. its how they work, and how they need to work in order to  function naturally.

Some people will shout “what about love, that’s an energy ?” Most often the term is used to describe water chi energies but that’s not what it means  Love is a state of grace of acceptance, compassion and empowerment towards all things, a state of empowered balance and altruism.  and THIS is the state I’m talking about achieving..

A state where people’s energy becomes theirs once again, and they choose to share whatever they like when they like but in a healthy giving way, not a transaction, not seeking something back because they already have everything, and not codependent on how that energy is received.
Addiction, codependency, blame, promiscuity etc all evaporate..

Emotional /spiritual freedom..


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