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I met my soul connection in July 2006 and it was WHAM from the word go! We got very close very quickly and broke up after only 2 months (he ran) and we were then reunited after another 2 months and this time we were together for another 2 months and he ran again! We were reunited after only 3 weeks that time and he moved in with me immediately and we lived together for almost 18 months and it was wonderful.

He is 16 years younger than me but it didn’t matter one bit as there was no age gap between us in reality. He’s very mature and even looks older than me!! He got scared again and left suddenly one night in May 2008 when he came home from work and just up and left there and then without any explanation (this was one day after we had just spent a wonderful evening at my sister’s place for her daughter’s 3rd birthday and we were all one big happy family and he was having a great time talking to everyone and really making an effort with my family members as he usually did-so it was a complete shock when he left so abruptly when we were the happiest we had ever been).

We have had very little contact in the past 18 months since the breakup and I haven’t seen him in 11 months. We met up a few times for him to pick up his mail and it was so excruciating each time as we were both in tears and in so much pain. He told me he still loved me and I know it was true, but he didn’t believe we could be together as he wanted kids but not now and by the time he was ready, it could be too late for me to have them. He made a head decision and I had no say in it whatsoever. Looking back, I know he believed that the age gap was the real reason, but the fact is, it was the excuse-the fact that we were happier than ever and it was the first time he had experienced unconditional love from anyone in his life (especially from his family) freaked him out – he couldn’t handle the depth of the emotions – and so he ran.

I have struggled so much with the separation, never experienced pain like it before and I was going crazy trying to make sense of it all. I had several psychic readings with different mediums, most of which said that he would return and we would have a lifetime together. I also had numerous kinesiology sessions and massages and reiki treatments. All these things helped, but only for a short time, they were a band-aid fix. None of the treatments or the readings got to the core of the situation and after 16 months of agony and lots of money spent, I came back to Steve Gunn’s website and I was ready to start the Ptsen-Nuh energy work.

I wish I had done the work earlier, but I guess I just wasn’t ready to tackle it any sooner. The first couple of sessions were very difficult for me and required a lot of discipline, but the techniques are actually very simple – the difficulty was feeling the full depth of the pain, but it’s so short lived and the release is very fast, so it’s well worth some short term discomfort.

I think the main thing that I realised through the process was just how much I have lived in my head. I have long believed that I was a person who lived more from my heart and intuition, but through this process, I realised that the demon ego has actually had dominance, drowning out what I have felt in my heart and gut-I have lived doubting myself and the divine for a very long time. If there is one thing that I am noticing, it is a massive change in my faith in the workings of the universe. I have lived with doubt, fear and anxiety for so long and struggled to believe that my guides really cared. I have felt abandoned by the gods. I now feel calmer and more in tune with my divinity. I am also sleeping much better and not constantly waking up during the night.

I also learned about boundaries. I never considered the fact that I really had no boundaries and I let him walk over me, time and time again, each time he came over to pick up his mail in the months after our separation. His mail became quite sporadic in time and when it does occasionally arrive, I now forward it to him by post.

As is apparently common, he bounced back halfway during my Ptsen-Nuh treatment making contact to collect some of his things he had left behind. The things he had left behind had been at my place for more than a year and all of sudden he needed them urgently! It was just a good excused to try and see me, but I followed Steve’s advice and set boundaries and told him I would leave his things out the front of the house for him to collect. This was based on the fact that he was still not ready to come back, so seeing him would have set the potential reunion process backwards. Eventhough, it was hard to push him away, setting the boundaries, made me feel empowered for the first time since he ran off.
I have felt like a leaf blowing around in a gusty wind since the day he left, but after completing the Ptsen-Nuh work, I now feel calm, carefree and in control of my future and destiny. I am now creating my destiny, not just waiting for it, which is what Steve refers to in his article on psychic readings vs fortune telling. I never understood it clearly until I had completed the Ptsen-Nuh work and actually feel that I have control over my life.

I also learned about the true meaning of love, distinguishing it from co-dependency and need. Love does not cause pain, need does, and understanding that basic principle has released me from the bondage of being a slave to the soulmate “pull” which created overwhelming emotions in me based on need. I now feel a peaceful love for him and can live my life fully, whilst he is doing what he needs to do, to deal with his demons which will enable him to return when he’s ready.

In summary, there were many ups and downs in the weeks during the Ptsen-Nuh energy work process due to feeling the full depth of the pain and the soul connection “pull” and there were moments when I was totally overwhelmed, but it passed very quickly. I had to feel the full depth of the emotions in order to release them, and what a load off my shoulders it was when I got to the other side of the pain and moved into feeling light and joyful, in just a few short weeks!

If it wasn’t for the energy work, I wouldn’t have been able to clearly see the big picture of what this journey has been about (releasing and confronting karmic issues with my soulmate and my own personal and spiritual growth). I’m so glad I did it. If you believe you’re ready, I strongly recommend undertaking this work as the freedom you get from it is amazing! I am writing this article a couple of weeks after my last Ptsen-Nuh session and I am still feeling great. I am back to being my true, happy-go lucky self. I will now continue to maintain the easy disciplines in my life so I don’t slide backwards.

On a final note, when the time comes for me to talk to my soul connection partner again (at the right time and for the right reasons), I will be in a much better place to make the right choices for me. Thanks with all my heart Steve!

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