Reality or personal reality ?

Subjectivity – a personalized spirituality

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Becoming a subjective has a lot of appeal..

Appeal because to the subjective there is no reality just individual viewpoints. And you can’t ever be wrong because to the subjective nobody knows the answers there are just individual viewpoints..
In addition, you never need face too many uncomfortable emotions because you can create or adopt a belief that includes reasons why you don’t need to face them.. And if anyone challenges that and tries to pop that bubble, no problem.. because nobody knows the true answer there are just individual beliefs and viewpoints.. right?

But it doesn’t stop there… even subjectivity has now been modernized..

Gone is the old objective definition of “reality” as that which is real despite belief or viewpoint,.. Its been hijacked by the subjectives and now we all each have a personal reality.. how cool is that !!!
No annoying facts, no challenging universal laws, nothing that challenges us to face difficult emotions, nothing that unites us all in one universe, just create a reality.. and if that one doesn’t work create another..!!!!!

And you can because ( all join in now ) ” nobody knows the answers there are just individual viewpoints..”

Sadly however there is a warning.. and that warning is that outside of your head none of this is real, and we all live in one reality.. and unfortunately that reality has a tendency to come and bite us in the ass when we least expect it.. And when it does and all those belief structures crash like the pack of cards that they are.. you have to face the emotional consequences of the one reality.. Its a huge wake up call.. but it will be the most important thing to happen to you in your life.. Because it is enlightenment, it is ultimately freedom, but its a freedom that you can’t control, unlike the old subjective days where you had a wardrobe full of beliefs that you could change to suit the mood…

We are told we need all this subjectivity because we’re taught it makes us who we are.. it defines us…”we are what we believe…”

The costs of that delusion are high when reality comes home to roost.

The spiritual journey is a journey to acceptance, flow and flexibility.. removing emotional attachments to outcomes so we can surf the waves of life experience rather than fear going under. This does not mean being dis empowered and keep turning the other cheek, far from it, we become empowered with healthier boundaries.  Oneness is the state we wish to achieve and indeed we can. Everything I do in my work is to help people to move further on their journey to that state. Many things that society does works the opposite way…


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